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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 24516725, Entry date: 02/07/2007

Why is no connection set up from the operator panel to the controller via interface IF1 A (IF1 B) (IF2)?

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With operator panels which use the serial interface for project transfer and also for communication with the controller, no connection is set up.

The system message "No. 220008 Interface IF 1A (IF 1B) (IF 2) cannot be opened" appears in the alarm display configured or in the message window.

If one of these interfaces is also to be used for communication, then you must disable the "Remote Transfer" option in the Transfer Settings of the Control Panel.

Below are instructions for making the setting in the following devices:

You must select the Transfer mode explicitly for another project transfer.

The following drives are concerned:

  • Allen Bradley DF1
  • Allen Bradley DH485
  • GE Fanuc  
  • LG Glofa-GM
  • Mitsubishi FX
  • Mitsubishi Protocol 4
  • Modicon Modbus
  • Telemecanique Unitelway
  • Omron Hostlink / Multilink
  • SIMATIC 500/505 serial

Instructions for disabling the option "Remote Transfer":

No. OP77B
1 When you start up the operator panel select the menu "Info/Settings".
2 Navigate to the menu "Logon/Settings" and then in this menu you select the "Transfer Settings" options.
3 Select "Channel 1: serial" and click on the Enter button.
4 Disable the "Enable (remote on)" option by selecting "Enable (remote off)".

( 10 KB )
Fig. 01 - Transfer Settings OP77B


No. TP170A
1 When you start up the operator panel select the menu "Config".
2 In the "Transfer Settings" menu (see Fig. 02) you clear the "Remote" option check box.

( 15 KB )
Fig. 02 - Transfer Settings TP170A


No. OP170B, OP177B, TP170B, TP177B, Mobile Panel 170, OP270, OP277, TP270, TP277, MP270, MP270B, MP277, MP370
1 When you start up the operator panel click on the "Control Panel" button.
2 Open the "Transfer" dialog by double-clicking on the icon in the Control Panel.
3 In the "Transfer Settings" dialog window you clear the "Remote Control" option check box of "Channel 1".

( 31 KB )
Fig. 03 - Transfer Settings WinCE operator panels

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