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Which ports are used by WinCC flexible?

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Configuration Notes:
The Ethernet ports are assigned by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). When using a firewall you must enable all the ports specified in the table. All the services listed are handled via the TCP/IP protocol, except archiving via UDP.

The following ports are used in WinCC flexible Runtime:

  Service Port
Web server Access to internal HTML pages (HTTP) 80
Access to internal HTML pages (HTTPS) 443 (SSL)
Sm@rtServer Connection with the Sm@rtServer

(access to the Sm@rtServer for downloading the Java applets with the Internet Explorer)
Connection with the Sm@rtServer
(access to the Sm@rtServer with Internet Explorer for remote monitoring and operation)


Server Connection setup: 135
Communication dynamic 1)
Client Communication dynamic 1)
OPC via XML  (Client <=> Server) 80
Printing Printing of Windows CE panels via Ethernet 1032
Archiving Archiving on a server 2) UDP 137, 138
TCP 139
Miscellaneous Transfer via Ethernet Configuration PC dynamic 1)
Panel 2308 and 50523
Communication between S7 controller 102
Panel dynamic 1)
PROFINET IO communication 3) 34964
E-mail (SMTP server) 25
Modicon controller (Modicon channel MODBUS TCP/IP) 502

1) Dynamic port:
The Microsoft Windows operating system automatically assigns the relevant service a free port that can be between Port 1024 and 65534. You must enable this area when using a firewall.

2) Archiving:
Requirement for archiving via an Ethernet network is that the server is enabled.

Communication via PROFINET must be activated in the "Control Panel", in the "PROFINET" Settings dialog.

If you change the ports of the Sm@rtServer, you must change the links accordingly in the HTML pages used. More information on changing HTML pages is available in the Help system of WinCC flexible under "Example: Configuring an integrated web server".

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