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MICROMASTER 4 (MM411): fitting the Gasket for the Wall Mounting Kit 6SE6401-0WM00-0AA0

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The MM411 Wall Mounting Kit is now only supplied with one Gasket.

How is the Gasket for the Wall Mounting Kit 6SE6401-0WM00-0AA0 fitted to the MM411 FSB?

The MM411 Wall Mounting Kit was originally supplied with 2 gaskets. One was used for the Frame Size C and the other for the Frame Size B. It was found that the gasket for the Frame size C MM411 would be sufficient for both Frame Sizes.

 Frame Size B

Shows the MM411 Frame Size B Heatsink recess

Fit the Gasket into the recess. The Gasket should overhang the recess as shown.
Fit the Wall mounting kit over the gasket as normal.

Then follow the mounting instructions as normal.
Frame Size C
There has been no change for the frame size C. The gasket fits into the heatsink recess and the Wall Mounting kit is fitted as normal. 

Manual Wall Mounting Kit:11454927

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