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How do you open the picture windows "@TOP01...@TOP16" in any position in the "@1001.pdl" picture?

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You want to change the position of the picture windows "@TOP01...@TOP16" in the "@1001.pdl" picture. The pictures are to open always at the current cursor position. This picture position is permanently linked to the properties/events of the picture windows "@TOP01...@TOP16" in the "@1001.pdl" picture.

The functions "SSMOpenTopFieldFixedSize" and "SSMOpenTopField" do not offer you any parameters (x,y) to change the picture position of the window to be opened.

For this you have to go to Object Properties and dynamize the event
"Event\Property Topics\Miscellaneous\Display"
of the picture windows "@TOP01-@TOP16" in the picture "@1001.pdl" using the following C functions:

C function:

Bildfenster.pdf (3 KB)

The function reads out the current cursor position and accordingly sets the X-position, Y-position properties of "@TOP01-@TOP16".

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