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What should you watch out for when changing from one S7-400 CPU to another?

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The entry considers CPU compatibility when planning to change CPUs with SIMATIC S7-400.

Configuration Notes
The entry considers CPU compatibility when planning to change CPUs with SIMATIC S7-400 under the following aspects:

  1. Changing from one S7-400 CPU to another CPU with an almost identical article number.
  2. Changing CPUs of phased-out products.

1. Changing from one S7-400 CPU to another CPU with an almost identical article number
If the only difference between the article numbers is the last digit of the middle block (marked in the table below with "y"), then compatibility of spare parts is ensured:bFor example, a CPU with article number 6ES7 412-1XF03-0AB0 is to be replaced by a CPU with article number 6ES7 412-1XF04-0AB0.

CPU V5.x
S7-400 CPUs with firmware version V5.x have compatibility of spare parts with previous S7-400 CPUs; this means that when you change to a CPU with V5.x, you do not need to make any changes in the user program.

CPU V7.x
The new PN CPUs as well as the CPU 417-4 DP replace their respective predecessors with compatibility of spare parts. The new CPUs are based on new hardware and a new operating system V7.0. The previous hardware cannot be upgraded and the operating system V7.0 runs only on the new hardware platform. You can continue you to use the previously optional DP interface modules (article no. 6ES7964-2AA04-0AB0).

CPU V8.x

The CPU 410 is based on innovated hardware with operating system V8.0. The operating system V8.0 can only run on this innovated hardware.
DesignationNew article numberPrevious article numberOld article number
CPU 412-1 DP6ES7 412-1XJ07-0AB06ES7 412-1XJ05-0AB06ES7 412-1XF04-0AB0
6ES7 412-1XF03-0AB0
6ES7 412-1XF02-0AB0
6ES7 412-1XF01-0AB0
6ES7 412-1XF00-0AB0
CPU 412-2 PN/DP
6ES7 412-2EK07-0AB0
6ES7 412-2EK06-0AB0

CPU 412-2 DP

6ES7 412-2XK07-0AB0

6ES7 412-2XJ05-0AB0

6ES7 412-2XG04-0AB0
6ES7 412-2XG00-0AB0
CPU 414-2 DP6ES7 414-2XL07-0AB0

6ES7 414-2XK05-0AB0

6ES7 414-2XG04-0AB0
6ES7 414-2XG03-0AB0
6ES7 414-2XG02-0AB0
6ES7 414-2XG01-0AB0
6ES7 414-2XG00-0AB0
CPU 414-3 PN/DP
6ES7 414-3EM07-0AB0
6ES7 414-3EM06-0AB0

CPU 414F-3 PN/DP
6ES7 414-3FM07-0AB0
6ES7 414-3FM06-0AB0

CPU 414-3 DP6ES7 414-3XM07-0AB0

6ES7 414-3XM05-0AB0

6ES7 414-3XJ04-0AB0
6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0
CPU 416-2 DP6ES7 416-2XP07-0AB0

6ES7 416-2XN05-0AB0

6ES7 416-2XK04-0AB0
6ES7 416-2XK02-0AB0
6ES7 416-2XK01-0AB0
6ES7 416-2XK00-0AB0
CPU 416-F26ES7 416-2FP07-0AB0
6ES7 416-2FN05-0AB06ES7 416-2FK04-0AB0
6ES7 416-2FK02-0AB0
CPU 416-3 PN/DP6ES7 416-3ES07-0AB0
6ES7 416-3ES06-0AB0

CPU 416F-3 PN/DP
6ES7 416-3FS07-0AB0
6ES7 416-3FS06-0AB0

CPU 416-3 DP6ES7 416-3XS07-0AB0
6ES7 416-3XR05-0AB06ES7 416-3XL04-0AB0
6ES7 416-3XL00-0AB0
CPU 417-46ES7 417-4XT07-0AB0
6ES7 417-4XT05-0AB06ES7 417-4XL04-0AB0
6ES7 417-4XL00-0AB0
CPU 410-5H6ES7 410-5HX08-0AB0   
CPU 410E 6ES7 410-5HM08-0AB0   
CPU 410SIS 6ES7 410-5FM08-0AB0   

Further information
Details on CPU S7-400 V7.0 is available in Entry IDs 109480994 and 109483507.
Information on how to replace a CPU 41x with the CPU 410-5H can be found in the Entry 85014617 

H CPUs with firmware version V6 have compatibility of spare parts with previous H CPUs in pairs. Redundantly used CPUs must be identical, i.e. they must have the same article number, product version and firmware version. It is not the marking on the front side that is decisive for the product version, but the revision of the "Hardware" component ("Module status" dialog mask) to be read using STEP7.

 New designationOld designationNew article numberPrevious article numberOld article number
CPU 412-5H PN/DPCPU 412-5H PN/DP6ES7 412-5HK06-0AB06ES7 412-3HJ14-0AB0 
CPU 414-5H PN/DPCPU 414-4H6ES7 414-5HM06-0AB06ES7 414-4HM14-0AB06ES7 414-4HJ04-0AB0
6ES7 414-4HJ00-0AB0
CPU 416-5H PN/DP 6ES7 416-5HS06-0AB0
CPU 417-5H PN/DPCPU 417-4H6ES7 417-5HT06-0AB06ES7 417-4HT14-0AB06ES7 417-4HL04-0AB0
6ES7 417-4HL01-0AB0
6ES7 417-4HL00-0AB0

When replacing H CPUs with firmware V3 or earlier with H CPUs with firmware V4, you must also replace the sync modules and the sync cables.
More Details on CPU S7-400H V6 can be  found in the entry 59903098.

2. Changing CPUs of phased-out products
The following are available as successors to the following group of CPUs (phased-out products).

Phased-out productAlternative CPUArticle number
CPU 413-1, 72KBCPU 414-2, 2MB6ES7 414-2XJ07-0AB0
CPU 413-2, 72KBCPU 414-2, 2MB6ES7 414-2XJ07-0AB0
CPU 414-1, 128KB
CPU 414-2, 2MB

6ES7 414-2XJ07-0AB0

CPU 416-1, 512KB
CPU 416-2, 8MB

6ES7 416-2XP05-0AB0

Further Information

  • This article is intended as an overview and does not claim to be complete.
  • Detailed information, in particular about the Technical Data, is available in the manual "Automation System S7-400 CPU Specifications" in Entry ID 23904550.
  •  Further information on interface modules, CPs etc. can be found in the respective product releases and manuals.
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