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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 25218681, Entry date: 05/29/2007

ET 200S 1 SSI – New Faster Version Released for Delivery

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A new version of the ET 200S 1 SSI position decoding module for SSI sensors has been released for delivery. It is suitable for cycle times down to 250 us. Additional baud rates and message frame lenghts are also supported.

A new version of the ET 200S 1 SSI position decoding module for SSI sensors with new order no. 6ES7 138-4DB03-0AB0 is now available. It replaces the previous version with order no. 6ES7 138-4DB02-0AB0 and is spare part compatible, i.e. you can plug in the new -4DB03- version instead of the -4DB02- version without having to change the configuration or the user program.

The new module provides the following additional functions:

  • Fast Mode 250 us
    Fast Mode enables cycle times down to 250 us, depending on the configuration, the connected sensor and the Fieldbus master.
  • Reduced sensor sampling rate
    The sensor sampling rate can be set independently of the cycle time of the module.
    If the setting is made as an integer multiple of the sampling rate, synchronized processing is still possible.
    Example: In the case of a Profibus cycle of 0.5 ms and a max. sensor sampling rate of 1 ms, a position value will be read from the sensor and sent to the controller for each 2nd cycle.
    Isochrone mode is maintained. A new value is indicated by a bit in the checkback interface. This is helpful if a short Fieldbus cycle is required and a sensor is used that cannot supply new values at high speed because of its measuring technology.
  • Additional message frame lengths
    In addition to to-day’s SSI message frame lenghts of 13, 15 and 25 bits, lengths of 14, 16 and 24 bits are now also possible. As before, both Binary and Gray codes are supported.
  • Additional baud rate
    An additional baud rate of 1.5 MBaud is available.
  • Parity bit
    The parity bit of the SSI message frame can be evaluated.

The module can be configured with STEP 7 V5.4 SP2 or V5.3 SP2 with HSP 2022 and higher. It can also be configured as predecessor version, but the new functions are not available in this case.

Although the functionality and the performance have significantly improved, the list price remains unchanged.

For more information please see the user manual under entry ID 9264111

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