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S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 and V5.4 + SP 1,2,3,4,5: Product Information on F Execution Times and F Monitoring and Response Times

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The execution times of the F application blocks and F FBD/F LAD elements and the execution times of the F sequencer group were determined on the basis of S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 and V5.4 + SP 1,2,3,4,5.

The execution times are valid under the following limiting conditions:

The "max. execution time of the F sequencer group" can be extended, a.o. due to the communication load (e.g. S7 communication, CBA communication, PROFINET IO communication, PG/OP communication), due to processing of higher priority alarms or test and commissioning functions.
You can determine the influence of these factors with the aid of the documentation and configuration of the standard system and then add it to the values listed below.

Internal delay time of the IE/PB Links: TIEDP_DLY

This is the time the IE/PB Link requires to "shift" the data from the PROFINET side to the PROFIBUS side and vice versa.

   s7fcotia.xls ( 321 KB ) (German)

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