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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 25413978, Entry date: 05/21/2007

How can you make the menu item "WinCC" visible again in MS Excel when using the "WinCC Configuration Tool"?

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Despite correct installation of the "WinCC Configuration Tool" or the "WinCC Archive Configuration Tool" these items might be disabled by Excel with the "Automated safe mode" so that the menu items "WinCC" and "WinCC Archive" are not visible.

The Online Help of Microsoft Excel provides information on the "Safe Mode" of Microsoft Office; for example how to re-enable disabled elements.

Proceed as follows to re-enable the WinCC add-ins:

No. Description
1 In Excel you select the menu item "Help > About Microsoft Office Excel". The "About Microsoft Excel" window opens.
2 In the "About Microsoft Excel" window click on the "Disabled Items..." button. The "Disabled Items" window opens in which the disabled add-ins are displayed.
3 In the "Disabled Items" list you select the item for the add-in to be activated, e.g. "WinCC", and click on the "Enable" button.
4 You must then restart Excel.

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