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How do you activate access protection for a STEP 7 project and set up a user as project editor?

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STEP 7's access protection permits you to protect projects and libraries with a project password.

You can implement the following functions with the access protection.

  • Protect STEP 7 projects and libraries against unauthorized access so that only authorized users can open the protected projects.
  • Log online activities and logon procedures on the computer so that you can trace accesses and changes at any time.
  • The access-protected projects can be synchronized in a multiproject.

If you want to activate access protection for a STEP 7 project and set up a user as project editor,

  • you need at least STEP 7 V5.4 (or higher)
  • You need the options package SIMATIC Logon V1.3 (or higher)
  • You must assign the appropriate user rights to that user beforehand in the user accounts in the Control Panel of the operating system.

You must have administrator rights to create or change user rights in the Control Panel.

Follow the instructions below to activate access protection for your STEP 7 project and set up a user as project editor.

  1. In the SIMATIC Manager you open the STEP 7 project to be protected and enable the access protection via the menu command "Options > Access Protection > Enable".

    You can no longer open the project with versions of STEP 7 older than V5.4 after enabling access protection. However, if you want to edit the project again with an older version of STEP 7, e.g. version V5.3, then you must disable the access protection beforehand.
  2. In the dialog that opens you enter your user name, password and the domain with which you also log on to the network when the PC is turned on. You need administrator rights for first-time logon and for setting up the project password.

    Fig. 1

  3. Confirm with OK.

  4. In the "Enable Access Protection" dialog you assign a project password and confirm with OK. The basic functions for access protection are now enabled and the additional menu items are released under "Options > Access Protection".

  5. Now, in order to set up a user a project editor you open the user administration in the SIMATIC Manager via the menu command "Options > Access Protection > Manage...".

    The SIMATIC Logon Admin Tool opens. If this is the first time you are enabling access protection, the current SIMATIC Logon user is entered automatically in the role of "Project Administrator".

  6. In the role of "Project editor" you mark "Groups and users" and then in "Available groups and users" you click on the local computer - here in this example "AD110374NB" (this computer).

  7. Then drag and drop the Windows user (here in this example "Login_Test") to the role of "Project editor". This newly entered user only has the right to edit a project, but not to change the project protection.

    Fig. 2


  8. Save your changes under "File > Save" and close the user administration tool.

  9. Then enable the change log using the menu command "Options > Change Log > Enable". The access functions are now completely enabled.

  10. Then close the STEP 7 project in the SIMATIC Manager.

  11. To logon as project editor with restricted function rights you open the logon service in the SIMATIC Manager via the menu command "Options > SIMATIC Logon Service..." (explicit logon). The logon is retained when the project is closed.

    You can also open the access-protected project and enter the project editor in the logon dialog (implicit logon). In this case the project editor is automatically logged off when the project is closed.

  12. In the following dialog you enter the data for the project editor who has been set up. The new user is displayed in the status line of the SIMATIC Manager at the bottom right.

    Fig. 3


  13. Now, when you open the STEP 7 project to be protected, you can edit the project with the right as project editor, but not with the right to change the access protection. The functions then cannot be enabled and are grayed out.

You can also open the project to be protected under a user who is not entered in the project administration. In this case, the "Enter Project Password" dialog opens when the project is opened. Here you must enter the correct password for the project, otherwise the project is protected against unauthorized access and does not open.

After entering the correct password the project opens and you can edit it. With the correct password, the logged-on SIMATIC Logon user is automatically entered as Project Administrator.

More information is also available in the STEP 7 Online Help under "Information on access protection".

Note on the integrated WinCC and WinCC flexible projects
You cannot set up access protection for WinCC and WinCC flexible projects integrated in STEP 7.

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