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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 25869221, Entry date: 06/29/2007

Urgent UPDATE (Patch3) for WinCC V6.2

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The following reactions have occurred sporadically in regularly performed test series with our products with WinCC V6.2:

1. When using the "GetTag__" function, in scripts for example, errors may occur reading the tags in client/server systems. As a result, a current process value may not be displayed, for example.
This reaction can always be avoided by using the "GetTagWait__" function.

2. When using redundant server pairs or redundant single-station systems, a system state can occur in which the wrong messages are acknowledged inexceptional cases, due to an unfavorable activation/deactivation sequence of the server.

3. When using Dual Core or multi-processor systems, the startup of runtime may be blocked in exceptional cases.

When installing the patch provided here as download, you can avoid the described reactions. We recommend that these corrections are implemented as simultaneously in all WinCC systems with version WinCC V6.2
Please note that after installing a WinCC V6.2 Hotfix less than HF9, the supplied patch must be reinstalled.

Download to Patch:
 WinCCPatch_3.exe ( 2689 KB )

Installation Requirement for WinCC V6.2

1. Close all SIMATC applications before starting the installation.
2. Reboot the PC.
3. Run the " WinCCPatch_3.exe " file folder.
4. Follow the installation instructions.

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