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Simulation: Cycle950 alarm 61705

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Cycle950 in the following version is used in a program:

with the sub-programs

In the automatic mode, the program runs without any problems and errors.
However, in the simulation mode, an error occurs:

61705 "internal cycle error for read file"

How can this error be resolved?

Error 61705 is generated by the line _FEHL5:STOPRE in Cycle950.

The alarm occurs, because in the line
IF NOT((_II==0) OR (_II==21) OR (_II==23)) GOTOF _FEHL5
parameter _II does not fulfill the required conditions.

Parameter _II is the error variable for the command READ - in the specific case _II is, in the automatic mode equal to '0' (no error) and the cycle runs without any error; in the simulation mode _II=3 (file not found) and then alarm 61705 is output.

The READ command in Cycle950 is necessary to find program _NP5 (in the specific case, sub-program AIHIO_1.SPF). This is the reason that Cycle950 performs an interrogation:


IF ISFILE( <<"_N_"<<_NP5<<"_SPF")

In the automatic mode, this is realized without any problems - however, the MMC software simulation does not know the variable ISFILE! This is the reason that the first part of the interrogation is not executed here (search for *.SPF) and Cycle950 exclusively searches for a file AIHIO_1.MPF! However, a file with this extension does not exist, which means that the error variable of the READ command displays the value '3'.

The simulation routine of the MMC software versions does not know the variable ISFILE. This is the reason that only the second part of the interrogation described above is realized. This means that the sub-program for Cycle950 must have the extension *.MPF.
If, in a specific case, program AIHIO_1.SPF is re-named to be AIHIO_1.MPF, then both the automatic as well as the simulation routine of the starting program run without any problems.#Ende

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