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How do you configure a VPN tunnel between a PC station with Windows XP SP2 and SCALANCE S61x V2.1 via the Internet with the Microsoft Management Console?

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It is possible to set up a VPN tunnel from the PC station with Windows XP SP2 to a SCALANCE S 61x V2.1 in Routing mode via the Internet.

To configure the VPN tunnel, on the PC side the Microsoft VPN client is parameterized via the Microsoft Management Console, the SCALANCE S module with the Security Configuration Tool.

The following instructions give the individual configuration steps to be made to set up the VPN connection via the Internet.

VPN_Tunnel_Internet_e.pdf ( 2696 KB )

Requirements for this are: 

  • In order to support the set up of the tunnel via the Internet in routing mode, you require the SCALANCE S 61x with firmware V2.1 and the Security Configuration Tool V2.1.
  • A fixed external IP address is required for the standard DSL router B, which has to be configured on the passive SCALANCE S 61x. Passive means here that the SCALANCE S 61x waits for the partner to start the tunnel setup.
  • You require a PC station with Windows XP SP2  that initiates tunnel setup.

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