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How do you save a STEP 7 project as read-protected on an MMC in an S7-300 CPU?

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In STEP 7 V5.1 and higher you can save a STEP 7 project (including comments and symbols) on an MMC (Micro Memory Card) in an S7-300 CPU.

As on-site programmer you then always have the latest version of the project available. In this way you can make modifications and changes as you wish without any restrictions and then save the project again in the same place. You can also set up a password protection for the STEP 7 project on the MMC in order to restrict access to authorized persons only.

The following requirements must be met for this. You need

  • A compression program (WinZip, for example) that can create password-protected ZIP files.
  • A module that supports the saving and retrieving of project data on a memory card.
  • Sufficient memory available on the MMC (at least as much as the size of the zipped STEP 7 project).

The instructions below show you how to store a project with read-protection on an MMC and how to assign a password protection.

  1. Close the STEP 7 project and all the SIMATIC programs that access the STEP 7 project (HW Config, ProTool, WinCC flexible, ...), so that no files are open when archiving.
  2. In the SIMATIC Manager you open the "Archiving" dialog with the menu command "File > Archive..." and select your STEP 7 project for archiving.
  3. In the "Archive - Select Archive" you assign a file name and a storage location for the project to be archived.
  4. Click the "Save" button and make sure that in the "Archiving Options" dialog the "No" is set for the "Cross-disk archive" option. Confirm with OK.
  5. Switch to the Explorer after archiving.
  6. In the Explorer you now open the archived ZIP file and enable the "Encode" function. Assign a password and close the ZIP file.
  7. Switch back to the SIMATIC Manager and open your STEP 7 project.
  8. In the project you mark the block folder of the target CPU and select the menu command "PLC > Save to Memory Card...".

    Fig. 1
  9. In the next dialog (Fig. 1), for the STEP 7 data you disable the check boxes for
    • "Current user program"
    • "Current project".


  10. Then browse under "Other files" to where your archived STEP 7 project is stored and mark the ZIP file. Click on the arrow key "->" and the ZIP file appears in the right window and is thus earmarked for transfer to the MMC.

  11. Start transfer to the MMC with OK. After transfer the ZIP file is displayed in the Online View of STEP 7.

    Fig. 2

Proceed as follows to access the zipped STEP 7 project again on the MMC.

  1. In STEP 7 you execute the menu command "Accessible Nodes".
  2. Open the block folder and under "Your project files" you open the ZIP file.
  3. Execute the menu command "PLC > Retrieve from Memory Card...".
  4. In the dialog that follows you select the storage location for the ZIP file and unpack the ZIP file with the ZIP program. You must enter your password before extracting.

STEP 7 does not support dearchiving of password-protected ZIP files. If a password has been set up for a STEP 7 project with WinZip (or other ZIP programs), that project can no longer be dearchived with the STEP 7 dearchiving program.

We recommend that you inform all people working with project not only of the password but also that the project can only be unpacked with the WinZip program. Here it is obligatory to enter the password before extracting. After extraction you can open the unpacked project again in the SIMATIC Manager via the function "File > Open...".

The authors and owners of this entry take no responsibility whatsoever for the functionality and compatibility of this procedure with WinZip (or other ZIP programs). Use of the software is at the user's own risk and should only be used by experienced users.

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