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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 26190515, Entry date: 05/17/2011

How are tags and alarms logged in WinCC flexible?

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The full content of this FAQ is in the PDF document attached and is as follows:

1. Creating logs
    1.1 Creating tag logs
    1.2 Creating alarm logs
2. Information on logging   
    2.1 System limits when logging
    2.2 Released storage media
    2.3 Write access to and service life of storage media
    2.4 Activating the checksum when logging
    2.5 Runtime load during logging
3. Information on storage locations
    3.1 CSV file (ASCII)
    3.2 RDB file
    3.3 TXT file (Unicode)
    3.4 Database


26190515_flexible_archiving_e.pdf ( 1550 KB )


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