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How are messages shown in WinCC Alarm Control?

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The display of messages in WinCC Alarm Control is limited depending on the configuration and view. The table below lists the number of messages which are possible in runtime:

No. Description
1 Message list
5000 messages can be displayed in the "Message list" view on a single-user station or per server/server pair. This means that with a maximum of 12 servers/server pairs, up to 60,000 messages can be displayed.

Figure 01
2 Short-term archive list
The "Short-term archive list" view contains the most recent 1000 messages from all the servers/server pairs. It is updated continuously.

Figure 02

3 Long-term archive list
Up to 1000 messages are displayed on a single-user station or 1000 per server/server pair. In the case of 12 possible servers, this view lists 12,000 messages on the client.

Figure 03

Generally speaking, the limit of 1000 messages displayed per server is reached at different times. This gives rise to time slots when messages are only displayed from certain servers, even though there are also messages saved in the archive for other servers.

Server 1 logs 1000 alarms a week. Server 2 logs 1000 messages over two weeks. The Alarm Control now displays a total of 2000 messages in the long-term archive window. Server 1 shows the alarms from the last week, and server 2 displays the alarms from the last 2 weeks. In this case, a misinterpretation can occur because there can have been messages from server 1 in the archive from the week before last but which are not displayed by the Alarm Control.
In order to prevent these types of gaps, the time range is set via the "selection dialog". It is important to select a time slot in which no server has archived more than 1000 messages.

From WinCC V6.2 onwards the property "Long Time Archive Consistency" can be set to "yes". The long-term archive list then displays a maximum of 1000 messages for all the servers. They will then be consistent in any event. You can find the "Long Time Archive Consistency" setting under "Properties > Control properties > Long Time Archive Consistency".

Figure 04

You can find the relevant description in the WinCC information system under "Performance Data > Configurations" and "Performance Data > Alarm Logging".

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