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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 26331265, Entry date: 08/23/2007

WinCC flexible 2005: Accessing a Panel via an HTML Page Supported by Sm@rtAccess

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Your customer has different plant sections that are operated via several multi panels.
It is to be possible to output and change selected machine parameters of these multi panels via different PCs (office PCs).
Since visualization software is not installed on the corresponding PCs, the visualization is to be performed via a "standard HTML page" (page is called using MS Internet Explorer).

In addition, process values are to be stored on a central PC and later output in tabular and graphical form via an Excel table.

With the aid of the integrated WinCC flexible "MiniWeb server" and the "Sm@rtAccess: Web service (SOAP)" Runtime service, the process values of the multi panels are accessed.
The process values are then output on a PC (office PC) via the self-created HTML pages.

The figure below provides an overview of the overall solution.


The application describes all configuration steps that are necessary to implement the task.
The individual steps are listed below:

  • STEP 7 configuration
  • WinCC flexible configuration
  • HTML configuration



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Documentation (German) 


26331265_Applikation_WinCC_flexible_HTML_Seite_DOKU_V10_d.pdf ( 1626 KB )
Documentation (English) 


26331265_Applikation_WinCC_flexible_HTML_Seite_DOKU_V10_e.pdf ( 1638 KB )
STEP 7 project (STEP7 5.3 SP3)
WinCC flexible 2005 project (WinCC flexible 2005 SP1 HF6)
HTML pages
26331265_Applikation_WinCC_flexible_HTML_Seite_CODE_V10.zip ( 3272 KB )





08/2007 First edition


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