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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 26366113, Entry date: 09/25/2007

Release for general availability, Motion Control System SIMOTION Version V4.1 SP1

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Effective immediately, SIMOTION Software Version V4.1 SP1 is released for general availability.

The release refers to the Engineering-System SCOUT und SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1 as well as the SIMOTION Runtime software V4.1 SP1.
This upgrade will be invoiced.


1. General
2. Functional scope
3. Compatibility
4. Components that have been released
5. Information

1. General

Effective immediately, SIMOTION V4.1 SP1 is released for general availability.

With the release for general availability, the software is supplied both on CD as well as also DVD (refer to the Order Nos,).

When ordering for the first time, every customers will receive the software on DVD – even if the Order No. for the CD is specified when ordering. If the software is to really be supplied on a CD, then the software must be ordered as a spare part.

In the future, we intend to stop supplying the software on a CD. Information about this will be provided through an update.  

Users with a valid software update service contract for SCOUT or SCOUT Stand-alone will be automatically supplied with the upgrade to SCOUT V4.0 SP1 (supplied on a DVD).

From V4.1 SP1 onwards, the license key will be supplied on a USB stick; this applies both to a full license as well as to an upgrade. The corresponding USB stick is provided in the package supplied. The Automation License Manager is used for transfer and/or upgrade as usual. Instead of the floppy disk drive, only the removable storage device (USB stick) has to be specified as source.

2. Functional scope

SIMOTION Version 4.1 SP1 includes new functions and an extension range of functions that have been rounded-off.

Among others, these include:

- SIMOTION D410 single-axis control 

The new SIMOTION D410 single-axis control supplements the SIMOTION D4x5 controller family, that is preferably used for multi-axis applications. SIMOTION D410 can be used for single-axis applications – such as winders, cross-cutters and feed equipment – or also in synchronous operating groups as is the case for modular machine concepts. The controller is available both for operation with PROFIBUS – as SIMOTION D410 DP – as well as also for connection to PROFINET - as SIMOTION D410 PN. SIMOTION D410 has been specifically designed for use with the SINAMICS S120 Power Modules PM340 in the blocksize format; it can be directly mounted onto these.

also refer to Update 26365506

- SIMOTION D4x5 expanded functionality

also refer to Update 26365481


  • Clock cycle scaling, PROFINET send clock cycle to the servo clock cycle
  • All of the SIMOTION devices support, across the board, an IRT clock cycle of 500 µs (all of the devices can be combined)
  • SIMOTION P350-3 and ET200S High Speed support clock cycles having a minimum of 250 µs
    (high-speed hydraulic controls, fast I/O processing)

    also refer to FAQ: http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/view/de/25469217


- Interpolation as TO in the runtime system

  • Various kinematics (Cartesian gantries, SCARA, roll, jointed arm and delta kinematics)

  • Linear, circular or polynomial interpolation in 2D or 3D with up to 3 axes

  • In addition, a positioning axis can be also moved in synchronism to the path

  • Standard top loading application based on TOs

=> New application areas for SIMOTION: Handling and where required, simple interpolation (not suitable for machine tools)

- Distributed synchronous operation across the complete project (using representative TOs)

  • Distribution of different projects possible, e.g. for large systems or for modules from different manufacturers.

- SINAMICS Drive-based Safety Integrated Extended Functions are supported
  also refer to Update 26367329

- DCC – graphic function configuring using freely available closed-loop control, arithmetic and logic blocks

  • DCC: Toolbox for continuous closed-loop control and computation functions

    • DCB: Extensive block library
    • DCC Editor: Graphic interconnection editor (CFC)

=> New application areas for SIMOTION: "Continuous material webs", assembly industry and plant construction

- Engineering

  • 128 characters for unit and library names

  • Searching and replacing in the complete project

  • View to the most frequent TO parameters

  • Expert list shows, as standard, selected parameters

=> An additional significant increase in the level of usability

- Servicability

  • Downloading cyclic tasks in RUN has been significantly improved

  • Ram-to-Rom in RUN via ES and application

=> Commissioning has been significantly simplified

- Maintenance

  • From V4.1, the SIMOTION IT DIAG and SIMOTION IT XML-DA functions are included in the basis SIMOTION firmware. It is no longer necessary to order the SIMOTION firmware using the SIMOTION IT CD and replace it. The associated runtime licenses are kept.

=> It is now significantly simpler to use SIMOTION IT 

In addition, especially relevant for applications in the pharmaceutical environment - option packages SIMATIC Logon and SIMATIC Version Trail can be used.


3. Compatibility

SIMOTION SCOUT Version 4.1 SP1 is compatible to Versions V4.0, V3.2, V3.1 and V3.0.

Projects that were generated with older versions can also be handled/processed using Version 4.1 SP1. When required, project data can be subsequently saved in the V4.0, V3.2, V3.1 or V3.0 format.

Projects, that were generated using older versions can be upgraded to the new version (e.g. if the existing project is to be expanded by functions provided in Version 4.1 SP1). The description should be taken from the readme file or the Manual.

The current SIMOTION compatibility list showing which software and hardware can be combined is available through Article ID 18857317.

4. Components that have been released

Order Nos.




6AU1 810-0BA41-1XA0

SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT V4.1 SP1 CD

V4.1 SP1  

6AU1 810-0BA41-1XE0

SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT V4.1 SP1
Upgrade CD

V4.1 SP1  

6AU1 810-1BA41-1XA0

SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT V4.1 SP1 DVD

V4.1 SP1    

6AU1 810-1BA41-1XE0 SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT V4.1 SP1
Upgrade DVD
V4.1 SP1    
6AU1 810-0CA41-1XA0 SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1 CD V4.1 SP1  
6AU1 810-0CA41-1XE0 SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1
Upgrade CD
V4.1 SP1  
6AU1 810-1CA41-1XA0 SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1 DVD V4.1 SP1    
6AU1 810-1CA41-1XE0 SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1
Upgrade DVD
V4.1 SP1  
6AU1 810-1HA20-1XA0 DCC SINAMICS V2.0 SP1 DVD V2.0 SP1  
6AU1 810-1JA20-1XA0 DCC SIMOTION V2.0 SP1 DVD V2.0 SP1  
6AU1 810-0FA22-0XA0 CamTool V2.2 V2.2
6AU1 810-0FA22-0XE0 CamTool V2.2 Upgrade V2.2

SCOUT V4.1 SP1 will be supplied in SIMOTION update contracts.

To use DCC, the corresponding product DCC SINAMICS or DCC SIMOTION must be ordered with license. DCC SIMOTION includes the license for DCC SIMOTION and DCC SINAMICS.

The CamTool V2.2 is included as software without license when SCOUT V4.1 SP1 or SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1 is supplied. For CamTool V2.2 the authorization has been changed over from Single License to Floating License. As a result of this changeover, CamTool now has the possibility of saving the License keys on a network drive and the validation using a trial license. When installing CamTool V2.2 for permanent use, a new license is required. Existing licenses V2.1 can be upgraded to V2.2 by ordering an upgrade.
If the possibilities offered with the new license key are not required, the installation of CamTool V2.1 SP1 can be kept. SCOUT or SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP1 also still works with CamTool V2.1 SP1.


A new runtime license is available for using the new SINAMICS Drive-based Safety Integrated Extended Functions for integrated SINAMICS drives with SIMOTION D4x5 and CX32.

Order Nos. Designation Version
Runtime license
6AU1 820-2AF20-0AB0 SINAMICS Safety Integrated Extended Functions for SIMOTION D4xx from V4.1 SP1  

Also with Version V4.1 SP1, SIMOTION memory cards can be ordered for SIMOTION C and D (MMC and CF) as well as SIMOTION P350 with pre-installed licenses. This therefore eliminates the costs associated with customers licensing the runtime software. Additional required functions can be tested in advance and subsequently installed.
For pre-installed licenses, when ordering the hardware (MMC, CF or P350), the number of licenses should also be specified.

Ordering example:
Compact-Flash card 512MB with MultiAxes Package for the D425 and 2 licenses for SINAMICS Safety Integrated Extended Functions :
6AU1400-0NA00-0AA0 -Z M42 F02

An ordering configurator is available in the Internet so that hardware with licenses can be simply ordered. Licenses can be simply selected and ordered using a configurator. Customers with access to the Mall can order directly using the ordering configurator in the Mall.
Configurator for SIMOTION Runtime licenses

Bundles are also offered for all of the platforms. These comprise the device, a memory card and a platform-specific MultiAxes license. This permits simpler ordering and logistics as there is only one Order No. [MLFB]. More detailed information on this is provided under the release for sale of the devices.


5. Information

ET 200S High Speed connected to PROFINET IO with IRT

Before you use the IM 151-3 PN High Speed (Order No. 6ES7 151-3BA50-0AB0) or before you order it, please discuss your application with your local sales person. This will then allow us to get a broad overview of the areas of application of the new ET 200S High Speed applications in conjunction with SIMOTION and PROFINET IO in an extremely short period of time. It will also allow us check that your application can actually be realized.

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit