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How to Backup and restore a program on a text or graphic-based panel?

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Many times there is a need to back up a program as a user may not have access to the source code. This procedure will provide a step by step instruction on how to perform the backup/restore on a RMOS based panel.

OP3 and C7-621 will not allow a Backup or Restore.
It is NOT possible to use an backup data file in the ProTool software because the backup configuration file is not editable. The backup file is used only to restore the backup configuration to a like panel.

No. Procedure
1 Preparation for Backup/Restore
  • Use needs the following cable 6XV1440-2KH32 or you can build your own from the following link: 21923977.
  • Please download (if needed) and install the following tool which is called Prosave onto your PC. Prosave allows a user to make a backup copy of an OP program for the purpose of loading into another unit of the EXACT same part number The link for Prosave is : 10347815.
  • Once the configuration cable is verified and Prosave software installed on the PC, the user is ready to place the panel into transfer mode. Please turn power off to the panel and press the ESC and UP arrow keys at the same time. With these keys pressed, turn the power back on and wait three seconds before releasing these two keys.

    This will place the panel into Transfer mode. The screen of the HMI should reference that is is “ready for transfer” or show that it is in “trans mode”.

To place a TP27 or TP37 into transfer mode, please press the serial transfer button upon boot-up of the Touch Panel units.

2 Backup
  • Next, open the Prosave program that was installed on the PC and choose the correct panel from the General tab menu in the device type field.
  • You'll also have to use COM1 or COM2, so make sure your PC ports are using one of these mappings and choose 38.4K as a Baud Rate.
  • Finally, go to the tab called Backup and choose a path to store the file. Use the following file name: C:\panel.psr You also would want to select a complete backup or other options from the data type tab menu in Prosave.

    Note: The extension is important as you will be required to browse for a .psr file when restoring the configuration to the new panel.
  • Click the Start Backup button and the backup will begin. It could take 5 - 10 minutes.

    Please verify if other programs like Virus Scanners, Power management, or PLC software "poll" the COM port. In this case, Prosave possibly will release the connection. Before you start again with the Backup, make sure that these programs have quit their service.
  • Once it is successfully finished, you should get a backup successful message and you are ready to load the file into the new panel. This completes the procedure of backing up the project. The next steps will guide you through the restore process.
3 Restore:
  • You'll need to make sure the panel is in Transfer mode as in Step 1 above before you can Restore the connection.
  • Once it is in Transfer mode, you can go to the Restore tab and browse for the panel.psr file (or whatever you name it). Once open you can click the Restore button and the program should begin programming the panel.
  • Upon a successful transfer of the program from Prosave to the panel, the panel should boot into your user program and is ready for installation.

    The Panel will have exactly the same connection parameters, like the panel from which the backup was made. Make sure that both panels are not in the same system, to avoide connection problems between the panel and the connected controller.

Panel, TD17, OP7, OP17, OP27, OP37, TP27, TP27-10, TP37, C7, C7-633, C7-634

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