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How can you write values from WinCC to a Microsoft Excel table?

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A WinCC has been created and is Runtime.

No. Procedure
1 Install a new "Bridge":
  • In the WinCC Explorer you open the pop-up menu of IndustrialDataBridge and select the "Configuration" item.
  • Click the "New" button.
  • Select Link Name, Source Type (OPC DataAccess) and Target Type (Excel).

    Fig. 01

  • In the next dialog you select the source (OPCServer.WinCC) and specify the target path/name of the Excel file.

    Fig. 02

  • Enter a group name and then click on "Finish !".

    Fig. 03

2 Add connections to the WinCC tags:
  • Click the "Add" button. The "IndustrialDataBridge - Connection Settings" dialog is opened.
  • In the "Config Source OPC Item" pane you select a tag.
  • Enter a name for the target tag in the "Config Target Excel Tag" pane.
  • Enter a name for the connection in the right pane. The name can also be generated automatically with the settings under "Default Connection Name".
  • Click the "Connect" button to apply the settings. Repeat this procedure for all the tags that you want to enter in the Excel table.

    Fig. 04

  • Close the dialog with "OK".
  • Save the current configuration file.
3 Current intermediate result:

Fig. 05

  • The configurator is now no longer needed and you can close it again.
4 Activate "IndustrialDataBridge Runtime":
  • In the WinCC Explorer you open the pop-up menu of IndustrialDataBridge and select "Runtime".
  • Open the configuration file that you created with the IDB configurator. The connection is displayed.
  • Then click consecutively on the "Connect" and "Start" buttons.

    Fig. 06

  • The data is then written to the Microsoft Excel file.

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