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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 26659810, Entry date: 12/19/2007

Technology CPUs: Technology template “MoveCircle2D”

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The technology template on hand helps you perform a two-dimensional motion on a circular or elliptical path, where the motion can be performed on a defined segment of the circle or the ellipse and the circle/ellipse can also be rotated in plane via a configurable angle.

With the technology template "MoveCircle2D" an a technology CPU a simple two-dimensional motion following a circular or elliptical trajectory could be performed where the trajectory parameters are simply specified via a function block.

The motion of both axes connected to the technology CPU is generated via a cam disc synchronism. The required cam discs for synchronizing the individual axes are generated at the function block of the technology template using parameters.

Possible trajectories generated by the technology template on a plane:



Content of Downloads


Dokumentation (German)  Documentation 26659810_MoveCircle2D_DOKU_v30_d.pdf ( 1286 KB )
Compact-Documentation 26659810_MoveCircle2D_Kompakt_DOKU_v30_d.pdf ( 501 KB )
Documentation (Englisch)  Documentation 26659810_MoveCircle2D_DOKU_v30_e.pdf ( 1261 KB )
Compact-Documentation 26659810_MoveCircle2D_Kompakt_DOKU_v30_e.pdf ( 498 KB )

The S7 Code of the Template can be downloaded separated or together with the example.


For the Example a Technology-CPU, Step 7 V5.4, S7 Technolog V3.0 SP2 and WinCC flexibel 2005 SP1 HF 7 Runtime  is required.
Due the example uses virtual axes, no drive is required.

Program archive (only Template) 26659810_MoveCircle2D_CODE_v30.zip ( 37 KB )
Program archive with example
CPU 315T
26659810_CPU315T_MoveCircle2D_CODE_EXP_v30.zip ( 5917 KB )
Program archive with example
CPU 317T
26659810_CPU317T_MoveCircle2D_CODE_EXP_v30.zip ( 6574 KB )





12/2007 first edition

Kreis Circle 315T-2DP 317T-2DP

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