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Which settings do you have to make so that a ProTool project or WinCC flexible project can be transferred via TeleService Adapter IE?

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Using the TS Adapter IE:
Using the TS Adapter IE (TSA-IE), you can transfer the configuration of a panel or PC connected to an Ethernet network via the telephone network.

Fig. 01

Settings of the TS Adapter IE
The example below shows the settings to be made on the TS Adapter IE in order to transfer a configuration from your local computer to a panel or Runtime PC.

No. Procedure
1 Open "Options" dialog
For project transfer via the telephone network and the TS Adapter IE (TSA-IE) in an Ethernet network, you must parameterize the integrated firewall of the TS adapter.
  • Start the TeleService program.
  • In TeleService, you open the dialog "Options > Administrate TS Adapter IE...".

Fig. 02
2 Enable protocols
The relevant protocols for incoming and outgoing calls must be enabled. Below is an explanation of the settings required for incoming calls. The settings for outgoing calls are to be made in the same way.
  • Enable the necessary protocols for transfer in the firewall settings of the TS Adapter.
  • Click on the "Save settings" button.

Fig. 03
3 Enable ICMP
The ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) allows the TS Adapter IE to access IP addresses in the Ethernet network.
  • Switch to the "Internet protocols" tab.
  • Enable the ICMP protocol.
  • Click on the "Save settings" button.

Fig. 04
4 Configure port release
In Expert mode the ports via which the configuration is transferred must be allowed in the firewall of the TS Adapter. Normally, the transfer is via Port 2308 or alternatively via Port 50523.
  • Switch to the "Expert mode" tab.
  • Release Ports 2308 and 50523 in the settings mask.
    If you have an active firewall, you must release the following ports as well for the Internet services given below:
    Internet service


    MiniWeb 80
    Remote Control via Internet Explorer 5800
    Remote Control via Sm@rtClient 5900

    Other ports used by WinCC flexible are listed in Entry ID 24534065.

  • Save the setting made before you quit the settings mask.

Fig. 05
5 Settings for the outgoing calls
  • Now make the aforementioned settings for the outgoing calls too.

    Finally, the firewall of the TS Adapter IE is configured so that a transfer can be made by ProTool or WinCC flexible.

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