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What should you watch out for with regard to licenses for WinCC flexible and panels?

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This FAQ entry describes what to pay attention to with regard to licenses and authorizations for WinCC flexible.

This entry covers licenses for panels, WinCC flexible ES and WinCC flexible RT.

Please follow the instructions in the following documentation. The following points are covered in the document.

1 Licenses and License Management
1.1 Overview
1.2 Options and Services of WinCC flexible ES/ RT
2 How can you transfer licenses?
2.1 Which Software is Needed?
2.2 Transferring License Keys to an operator panel via Automation License Manager
2.3 Removing License Keys from an operator panel via Automation License Manager
2.4 Notes on Interface Configuration
3 License Key Backup
3.1 Which Software is Needed?
3.2 When Do You Have to Back Up License Keys?
3.3 Backup and Restore
4 Special Features of WinAC MP
4.1 License Keys for WinAC Types
4.2 License Keys for WinAC Versions
4.3 Other Special Features
5 Frequently Asked Questions
5.1 Why Does the Downloading of Your Licenses to the Operator Panel Fail?
5.2 How Do You Repair a Defective License?
5.3 Why is a License Invalid After Changing Time Zones?
5.4 Why are License Keys Not Recognized?
5.5 Where is the "Old" License Key Located after an Upgrade?
5.6 How Do You Retrieve a Lost License Key?
5.7 Why are Licenses of the Panel Not in the Backup?
5.8 Can You Use a License for WinCC flexible 2008 also for WinCC flexible 2007?
5.9 Can You Change the Versions of WinCC flexible by Replacing Licenses? (This does not apply for Micro and China Edition)

  WinCC_flexible_lizenzen_en.pdf (525,6 KB)

The following documentation lists the licenses required for the various options and services in WinCC flexible Runtime (RT) and WinCC flexible Engineering System (ES).

  license_key_list_en_v1_1.pdf (15,4 KB)

Additional Information

  • Tips for handling licenses when migrating from WinCC flexible to WinCC (TIA Portal) are available in Entry ID59869088
  • Information about license management in WinCC (TIA Portal) is available in Entry ID 74796111

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