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What should you watch out for if you want to use a function module FM458-1 DP (6DD1607-0AA2) with expansion module EXM448?

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Configuration Notes
If you wish to operate an FM458-1DP (6DD1607-0AA2) with firmware V2.x with expansion module EXM448 or EXM448-1, you must pay attention to the releases:

  • An EXM448 release 8 has to be upgraded to release 9.
  • An EXM448-1 release 10 or 11 has to be upgraded to release 12.
  • Previous releases of EXM448 and EXM448-1 do not have to be upgraded.

Upgrading must be done by the Siemens IA&DT Returns Center:
Siemens AG
IA&DT Retourencenter
Siemensstr. 2
D-90766 Fürth

Tel.: +49 (0) 911 895 7448
Fax: +49 (0) 911 895 7449

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