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TeleService V6.1 incl. SP1 (Support of Windows Vista)

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Download of TeleService V6.1 incl. SP1 (support of Windows Vista)
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Hardware prerequisites

To be able to work with the SIMATIC TeleService V6.1 software, you require a programming device or a PC with the following minimum requirements with regard to microprocessor performance, RAM main memory and graphics:

Operating System






  • MS Windows 2000

600 MHz

128 MB

XGA 1024x768
16-bit colors

  • MS Windows XP

600 MHz

128 MB

XGA 1024x768
16-bit colors

  • MS Windows Server 2003

1 GHz

512 MB

XGA 1024x768
16-bit colors

  • MS Windows Vista 32-Bit

1 GHz

512 MB

XGA 1024x768
16-bit colors

To be able to use the complete TeleService functionality, you require the following additional components not included in the scope of supply of the TeleService software:

  • A TS Adapter, TS Adapter II or TS Adapter IE on the plant side

  • Hayes-compatible modems on the PG/PC side and the plant side, or a TS Adapter II or TS Adapter IE

  • Suitable cables to connect the PG, PC or TS Adapter to the telephone network

  • Zero modem cable, USB cable or Ethernet cable for direct connection and parameterization of the TS Adapter.

Software prerequisites

To be able to work with TeleService you require a PC with MS Windows operating system. SIMATIC TeleService V6.1 incl. SP1 has been released for the following operating systems:

The prerequisite for installation of the upgrade package is a valid license of TeleService V3.x, V5.0, V5.1, V5.2, V6.0 or V6.1.

Operating System

Service Pack

  • MS Windows 2000 Professional

SP3 or higher

  • MS Windows XP Home

SP1 or SP1a or higher

  • MS Windows XP Professional

SP1 or SP1a or higher

  • MS Windows Server 2003 (Standard Edition)

SP1 or higher

  • MS Windows Vista Business (32-bit edition)


  • MS Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit edition)


  • MS Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit edition)


Information on the operating systems is available on the Internet from Microsoft.


TeleService V6.1 will not run under:

  •  MS Windows 3.1

  • MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11

MS Windows 95, MS Windows 98, MS Windows Millennium and MS Windows NT 4.0 are no longer supported since TeleService V6.0.

Important note:
It is not possible to update the operating system from MS Windows XP to MS Windows Vista with the TeleService software installed.

Internet Explorer:
The MS Internet-Explorer 6.0 (or higher) is a prerequisite for all operating systems.

User Rights:
The following is applicable for TeleService V6.1 incl. SP1 and higher:

To be able to work with TeleService, you must have logged in at least as user (no guest login).

To be able to install the TeleService software and to setup modules or change settings via the application "Setup PG/PC interface", you require administrator rights.

You also require administrator rights if you want to setup a local modem under MS Windows.


Download the file, unpack to a directory and execute the firmware uploader s7ouflsx.exe.


Support of Windows Vista.


  TS_Edition_11_2007_CD.zip ( 105218 KB )



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