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What additional information sources and possibilities do you have access to in addition to the SIMOTION D manuals?

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Supplementary information on the SIMOTION D manuals

You will find the following answers to the following points:


1. Where can you find manuals that are especially relevant for SIMOTION D?

Documentation Notes / supplements 
 SIMOTION D relevant manuals16512438
 SIMOTION manuals10805436
 SINAMICS S120 manuals13305690


2. How can you configure document contents based on these manuals?

Using My Documentation Manager, you can generate personalized documents from standard documents. This means that you can configure document contents from the SIMOTION D manuals and generate either a PDF file or XML file. (--> Select "Displaying and configuring"). You must register and log in to use these functions. The functions are described in detail in the Online Help.


3. Which additional / supplementary information to the manuals can you use? 

More detailed information is provided in the Online Help for SIMOTION SCOUT.

Please also observe the following notes - as a supplement to the SIMOTION D manuals:

Notes on the documentation 04/2014 edition:

Documentation Note / Supplements 
SIMOTION D410-2 Equipment Manual, Chap. 5.3 System Data, Connection Values, Dimensions and Weights (Page 84)After the editorial deadline for the documentation, the memory capacity has been increased as follows (SIMOTION Kernel/Firmware V4.4):

RAM (working memory): 96 MByte (so far 48 MByte)

RAM-Disk (loading memory): 47 MByte (so far 31 MByte)

SIMOTION D4x5-2 Equipment Manual, Chap. 5.5 Interfaces and Performance Features (Page 82)After the editorial deadline for the documentation, the memory capacity has been increased as follows (SIMOTION Kernel/Firmware V4.4):


RAM (working memory) with:

  • D425-2: 64 MByte (so far 48 MByte)
  • D435-2: 86 MByte (so far 64 MByte)
  • D445-2: 160 MByte (so far 128 MByte)
  • D455-2: 320 MByte (so far 256 MByte)


4. Where can you find the documentation for older software releases and complete documentation packages ?

see 40211807


5. Where can you find information about applications, CAD drawings, EPLAN P8 circuit diagrams and certificates ?

Additional information Links 
SIMOTION Utilities & ApplicationsSIMOTION Utilities & Applications are supplied together with SIMOTION SCOUT and in addition to the FAQs also includes free-of-charge utilities, e.g. calculation tools, optimization tools, etc. as well as application examples (Ready to Apply solutions such as winders, cross-cutters or handling systems).
Information about applicationsInformation about applications can be found
  • as a part of the SIMOTION Utilities & Applications (supplied together with SIMOTION SCOUT)
  • on the web pages of the Application Centre Motioncontrol/apc
  • under Applications & Tools (Search item "SIMOTION") 34677186
  • under Solution for branches Motioncontrol
EPLAN P8 circuit diagram macros / DXF filessee 31622426
CAD drawings

Industry Mall --- DT configurator DT-Configurator


or directly: Product choice




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