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How can you make a project backup from an operator panel?

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Based on a number of examples we will demonstrate how to make data/project backups with the various operator panels.

Line / graphics operator panels:
You can use the service tool ProSave with the line operator panels TD 17, OP 7, OP 17, C7-633, C7-634 and graphics operator panels OP 27, TP 27, OP 37, TP 37.
With ProSave you can store the entire contents of the OP's memory in one file (Backup) and then reload this file onto the operator panel (Restore).
Please use ProSave V7.3 onwards for Backup and Restore.
The service tool and more information on it are available in Entry ID 10347815.

Backup files cannot be edited.

Please refer to the table that you can download in Entry ID 21907703 for which line and graphics operator panels support Backup/Restore with ProSave.

Graphics operator panels:

  • Backup:
    Graphics devices have another option for making a backup.
    If you have integrated the default page "Z_Backup" in your ProTool project or have assigned the "Backup / Restore Module" function to a button, then you can use this function to make a backup on a memory card.

The following memory cards are released for use in graphics operator panels:

  • 6ES7 952 – 1KL00 – 0AA0 2 MB
  • 6ES7 952 – 1KM00 – 0AA0 4 MB
  • 6ES7 952 – 1KP00 – 0AA0 8 MB
  • 6ES7 952 – 1KS00 – 0AA0 16 MB
  • Restore:
    Proceed as follows to transfer a configuration backed up on a memory card back to the operator panel.
No. Procedure
1 Slot the memory card with the data to be downloaded into the operator panel.
2 Start the operator panel.
The operator panel recognizes the slotted memory card at startup.
3 Acknowledge the security prompt about running a restore with OK.
The operator panel downloads the stored data (firmware/project/data records) into the internal memory during startup.
After ending the Restore procedure the operator panel goes into Transfer mode.
4 Remove the memory card from the operator panel to avoid another restore being made from the memory card the next time you start the operator panel.
5 Start loading the project by interrupting the Transfer mode with OK.

Windows CE operator panels:
You can use the ProSave service tool for Windows CE operator panels.
The service tool and more information on it are available in Entry ID 10347815.

Another way of doing a Backup/Restore is via the Control Panel of the operator panel*).
For this you need a memory card with sufficient capacity. For this you open the "Control Panel" or "Loader" on the operator panel.
In the "Control Panel" you select the menu item "Backup/Restore". Via this menu item you can execute the Backup/Restore function.

*) Note:
Refer to the relevant device manual for which devices support Backup/Restore and for detailed instructions.

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