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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 28017169, Entry date: 08/08/2008

New CP 343-1 Advanced Released for Delivery

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The new SIMATIC NET CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7343-1GX30-0XE0) is herewith released for immediate delivery. The CP 343-1 Advanced is available with hardware release 2 and firmware version V1.0.

The new CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7343-1GX30-0XE0) is the follow-up module for the current CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7343-1GX21-0XE0).



1. Product description

The new CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7343-1GX30-0XE0) offers the following new functions compared to ist predecessor:

  • Two Ethernet interfaces with a total of three RJ 45 ports
  • Integral Gigabit interface to Gigabit standard IEEE 802.3ab. It is independent of the PROFINET interface and supports Autocrossing, Autonegotiation and Autosensing.
  • Network separation on one module due to an additional Gigabit interface
  • Static IP routing between the Gigabit and the PROFINET interface
  • PROFINET interface with integral 2-port IRT switch (ERTEC)
  • Higher system availability due to media redundancy in the case of ring topology by means of Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) acc. to IEC 61158 Type 10 "PROFINET" standard
  • Expansion of the IP access list (routing access and controller access can be configured separately)
  • E-mail with authentication
  • New function block for FTP connection with additional functions

PROFINET IO Controller and PROFINET IO Device with support of:

  • RT and IRT realtime feature
  • Enhanced PROFINET IO diagnosis
  • Larger quantity frameworks
  • Read/write of PROFINET data records by means of FB 52
  • Alarm evaluation in the user program using FB 54

The CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7 343-1GX30-0XE0) is spare part compatible with the CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7 343-1GX21-0XE0).



2. Ordering data


Product Name

Order No.

CP 343-1 Advanced

6GK7 343-1GX30-0XE0





3. Application


The CP 343-1 Advanced is the communication module to connect SIMATIC S7-300 PLCs and SINUMERIK 840D powerline to Industrial Ethernet. With its own microprocessor the CP unloads the CPU from communication tasks and permits additional connections.

The CP 343-1 Advanced provides communication options of the S7-300 PLC with:

• PGs/PC

• Host computers

Operator input and control devices

• SIMATIC S5/S7/C7 systems

• PROFINET IO devices and IO controllers

• PROFINET CBA components

PROFINET CBA enables the creation of re-usable technological modules.

User benefits

• Ideally suited for use in networks with line structure due to integral 2-port switch

• Cost advantage due to two separate interfaces with network separation

• High system availability due to support of Media Redundancy (MRP)

• Investment protection for existing systems with the integration of SIMATIC S5 PLCs by means of open communication (previously called S5-compatible communication)

• Optimal maintenance support with

    - Web-based diagnosis

    - Remote programming via the telephone network (e.g. ISDN) using the WAN feature of TCP/IP

    - Monitoring with IT network management tools (SNMP)

    - Module replacement without PG using the C-PLUG replacement medium (storage also of the file system for IT functions)

• Cost-effective access to process information with standard Web-browser; software costs on the client side thus fall away

• Transmission of event-controlled messages via IT communication paths with e-mail (incl. authentification)

• Simple and quick data exchange of SIMATIC S7-300 PLCs with field devices via Industrial Ethernet if used as PROFINET IO controller or PROFINET IO device, with RT and IRT realtime features

• Reduction of time and expenses in the design of modular machines and plant with PROFINET CBA

• Easy universal coupling of the PLC to diferent computers via FTP.


4. Miscellaneous





For more information on the current CP 343-1 Advanced (order no. 6GK7343-1GX30-0XE0) please see:



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