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Which version of Image of the relevant operator panels can be used for the corresponding version of ProTool?

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Configuration Notes:
When configuring Windows-based operator panels with ProTool, only one specific version of Image of the relevant operator panel can be used, regardless of the version of ProTool.

The version specification in the name of the Image file (e.g. "MP370_V6_2.img") abstracts the version of ProTool. The exact version of the Image can be determined with ProSave or PTUpdate - see Fig. 01.

Fig. 01 - ProSave and PTUpdate

The table "ProTool_Image_Versions_e.pdf" lists matching versions for ProTool. The table is designed to help you identify the versions used and thus avoid version conflicts.

Attachment 1: ProTool_Image_Versions_e.pdf ( 13 KB )


TP170A in ProTool V6.0 => V6.0.0.32
TP170A in ProTool V6.0 SP1 => V6.0.1.4

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