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What is the meaning of the configuration option "Activate Web server" with CP443-1 EX20?

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Configuration Notes:
The following information applies to the following Industrial Ethernet CP:

  • 6GK7 443-1EX20-0XE0

This Industrial Ethernet CP provides the function of a web server for access via web browser. For this, specific information is stored in a memory area of the CP. The memory area for the CP's web functions is used for storing HTML pages. The following web browsers are suitable for accessing the HTML pages in the CP:

  • Netscape Communicator (from V4.7 onwards)
  • Internet Explorer (from V5.0 onwards)

The following points should be noted here:

  • The CP makes the module and diagnostics functions available on the web pages exclusively for read access.
  • The web pages cannot be modified.
  • It is not possible to display user-made web pages.
  • Diagnostics buffer entries that are displayed on web pages are always in English. This is independent of the language selected for displaying the web pages.

The web server function is activated in the basic settings.

In the STEP 7 hardware configuration you can activate or deactivate the web server function in the Properties dialog of the CP443-1EX20, in the "IP Access Protection" tag.

Fig. 01: Properties dialog of CP443-1EX20


The CP443-1EX20 can be configured for the first time in STEP 7 V5.4 + SP3 + HSP onwards. The installation instructions for the HSP (Hardware Support Package) are available in Entry ID: 22374877.