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What can cause the installation to abort or prevent successful starting of WinCC flexible?

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Before installing WinCC flexible, you should always refer to the "Readme" and the system requirements of WinCC flexible. There are several possible causes for unsuccessful installation of WinCC flexible.

WinCC flexible installation problems might occur during installation or configuration of the MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine).

If problems occur when installing WinCC flexible, you should use the tools listed below to prepare for installation.

Uninstallation of ... Software Tool Entry ID
WinCC flexible 2004 ForceUninstWCF.exe 1) 22350636
WinCC flexible 2005 and higher Cleanup Support Tool.exe -
1) After uninstallation of WinCC flexible 2004 you should also run the Cleanup Support Tool.

Depending on the version of WinCC flexible you can use the Cleanup Support Tool to uninstall the MSDE of WinCC flexible.

If you have problems installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express in WinCC flexible 2008, more information is available in Entry ID 29420407

Other Remedies
If you still have problems installing the MSDE again after running the Cleanup Support Tool, more information and remedies are available in Entry ID 24435650.

Updating WinCC flexible
In principle you must uninstall the previous version before installing WinCC flexible. Installation remnants of the MSDE might prevent successful installation of the new version of WinCC flexible. In order to remove the MSDE completely from your system use the Cleanup Support Tool before installing the new version of WinCC flexible. You can download the tool at the end of the entry.

If you receive the following message when installing WinCC flexible, then uninstall the product displayed via Control Panel > Software.

"Please uninstall the previous version or other edition before installing this version of WinCC flexible."

Before installing WinCC flexible, check compatibility with the other SIMATIC products in Entry ID 64847781.

Download - Cleanup Support Tool
You can use the attached file "Cleanup Support Tool" to identify and if necessary, clear problems that prevent successful installation of WinCC flexible.

Unpack the file and then execute the "CleanupSupportTool.exe" file.
Registration required cleanupsupporttool_v1_3_1_7.zip (1.2 MB)

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