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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 28526361, Entry date: 04/07/2008

How do you migrate a ProTool project with SIMOTION CPU connection to a WinCC flexible project and SIMOTION SCOUT?

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Below is the procedure for migrating/converting old SIMOTION SCOUT projects with integrated ProTool projects.

  1. First, open the SIMOTION project with the SIMOTION SCOUT.
  2. In the case of projects created with an older version of SIMOTION SCOUT, you must convert the SIMOTION SCOUT project to the latest version of SIMOTION SCOUT.
  3. Save and then close the SIMOTION project.
  4. Now start WinCC flexible.
  5. Select the "Open ProTool Project" menu and select the
    STEP 7 icon "Integrated".
  6.  Navigate to the integrated ProTool project and click on Open.
  7. The ProTool migration wizard starts and guides you through migration of the
    ProTool project to WinCC flexible.
  8. Upon completion of the migration the resulting WinCC flexible project opens. Save the project and close WinCC flexible.
  9. Now, in the Hardware Config or NetPro, you must network the WinCC flexible project again with the SIMOTION controller.
    Note that now the both the new WinCC flexible station and the ProTool Station are in your project.
    If the new WinCC flexible station is to have the same address as the ProTool station previously used, then you must first change/remove the address of the ProTool station before you can assign that address to the WinCC flexible station.

ProTool projects integrated in PC stations:
ProTool projects integrated in PC stations cannot be migrated automatically to PC stations. A new HMI PC station is created upon migration.

In this case, follow the steps below:

  1. Insert WinCC flexible RT from the hardware catalog into the PC station (P350) and save the project in the Hardware Config.
    Migration and insertion of WinCC flexible RT produces 2 HMI projects (migrated and empty) in a STEP 7 project.
  2. Open/start WinCC flexible and the empty project.
  3. Open the migrated HMI project and the mark the HMI device and copy using "Copy" in the pop-up menu.
  4. Switch to the previous WinCC flexible project.
    Mark the HMI device in the project navigator and use the "Replace" pop-up menu to insert the HMI device from the clipboard into the empty project.
  5. It might be necessary to reselect the P350 station in the current connection settings, i.e. delete the present station and reselect it.

More information:

  • Compatibility table:
    At the following link you will find information on the software components released with WinCC flexible. Pay attention in particular to the compatibility between WinCC flexible and SIMOTION SCOUT. Entry ID: 22635649
  • More information of the topic of "WinCC flexible Migration" is available in the WinCC flexible migration manual in Entry ID: 18796902 

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