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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 28570621, Entry date: 03/12/2008

Release for availability, Drive ES SIMATIC V5.4 SP2

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The Drive ES SIMATIC V5.4 SP2 product will be released for general availability with this info.
The reasons for the revision and further development of the market launch of STEP7 V5.4 SP2 and SP3,
rounded-off functionality, as well as the integration of the FB283 technology block in the Drive ES block library.

Release for general availability on 26.02.2008.


Order No. Product      Availability
6SW1700-5JC00-4AA0 Drive ES SIMATIC V5.4 SP2, single license      Effective immediately
6SW1700-0JC00-0AB2 Software update service for
Drive ES SIMATIC, single license



Effective immediately
6SW1700-5JC00-4AA4 Upgrade Drive ES SIMATIC V5.x to V5.4 SP2 for a single license     Effective immediately
6SW1700-5JC00-1AC0 Runtime license Drive ES SIMATIC V5.x, without SW without documentation     Effective immediately

The reasons for the revision and further development of the products mentioned above are the market entry of
STEP7 V5.4 SP2 and SP3, rounded-off functionality as well as the supplement to the block library by
technology block FB283.

The following innovations have been implemented:


  • Attribute "S7_Asset = Extended“ has been added to the proxy block to integrate Siemens drives MASTERDRIVES, SIMOREG DC Master, MICROMASTER 4, SIMODRIVE 611U
    and SINAMICS S120/S150/G120/G130/G150 into the SIMATIC Maintenance Station.
  • The minimum installation prerequisites are now rigidly checked via setup and appropriately interlocked.
  • The DB generator has been expanded by new devices (e.g. IWLAN) and new GSD files regarding plausibility queries;
    the evaluation algorithm was changed over to the main MLFB [main Order No.] of the drive families.
  • FB283 has been integrated into the block library and into the project example.
    This FB allows the "EPOS" positioning functions of SINAMICS S120 drives to be controlled in a user-friendly fashion.
    The FB handles all of the data transfer (cyclic and non-cyclic) between the SINAMICS S120 and SIMATIC S7 CPU.
    Faults/errors signaled by the drive are automatically transferred from the block to the S7-CPU - details are also provided.
    Further, using this FB, complete traversing blocks as well as also individual parameters can be read and written to.


Windows 2000, XP Professional incl. SP2 and Windows Server 2003 from SP1
STEP7 V5.3 SP3 (only PROFIBUS DP) and STEP7 V5.4 SPx
For detailed information regarding the compatibility, refer to ID 18495518
For more detailed information, please contact your responsible Siemens office.

How can the new version be obtained?

Order it new!
With this release for general availability, all of the orders will be supplied with SP2. The price remains the same.

For users who already have a version of Drive ES SIMATIC V5.x!
These users can order the upgrade version at a significantly lower price than the full version. 
For reasons relating to memory space, it is not possible to download the complete Drive ES SIMATIC CD V5.4 SP2.
It can only be ordered in the form of the upgrade version that is available at a significantly lower price than the full version.

For users who have ordered a Software Update Service 6SW1700-0JC00-0AB2!
Users who have ordered and entered into a contract for the Software Update Service will automatically be sent the new version.
Detailed information regarding handling the Software Update Service is provided in ID 13532008

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