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Configuration Software for the SIMATIC FM 352-5 Boolean Processor

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Software requirements
To be able to work with the FM352-5 V1.2 programming software you require:

  • An installed version of STEP 7 Basis V5.3, Servicepack 2 or higher.
  • For operation under Windows Vista you require STEP 7 Basis V5.4 SP3 or higher.
  • For operation under Windows7 you require STEP 7 Basis V5.5 or higher.

For further software requirements please read the STEP 7 Product Information bulletin.

Overview of the latest software versions:

Software Version

Upgrade with ...

The configuration software referenced below is only for backup purposes.

You will find the latest version of the configuration software in the bulletin "FM Configuration Package" at entry ID 60237759

V1.2 SP2

Recommended for upgrading:

Description of update V1.2 SP2

 FM352-5_V122.EXE ( 25642 KB )

V1.2 SP1

For backup only:

Description of update V1.2 SP1

 FM352-5_V121.EXE ( 25642 KB )


For backup only:

Description of update Update V1.2

 3525AH00_V120.EXE ( 25467 KB )


Update V1.2 + SP2

The following change has been implemented:

  • Inclusion of the spare-part compatible follow-up modules 6ES7352-5AH01-0AE0 and 6ES7352-5AH11-0AE0 into the configuration package


Update V1.2 + SP1

The following features were added:

  • Adaptation for Windows VISTA + SP1 in conjunction with STEP V5.4 SP5

The compilation error described in FAQ 34128505 (if you interconnect one or more nested sub logic circuits directly from the OR busbar) has been corrected.

Update V1.2

The following features were added:

  • Adaptation for installation under Windows VISTA
  • The software is now supplied free of charge on CD together with the module. The S7-PLCSIM software for simulation of a S7 CPU is no longer included on this CD.
    If required, you can order S7-PLCSIM as a separate product.


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