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Multimedia-based demonstration system "SIMATIC PCS 7 - Typical use cases and their benefit by using the example of a chemical plant in the area of engineering and operation"

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The globalization of markets as well as increasing competitive pressure coupled with shorter product lifecycles and higher risks lead to continuously growing requirements in the chemical industry worldwide. Chemical production systems have to be absolutely safe while also supporting maximum flexibility. This is the only way to ensure sustainable success throughout the entire lifecycle. In addition to maximum process and system reliability, also reduced production costs, assured reproducible product quality and efficient resource management represent basic requirements.

With our innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System, we offer a powerful system for the automation of your chemical production. With its open and modular system architecture, smart engineering tools and numerous intelligent additional functions, it is predestined for application in chemical production plants of any type and size: From petrochemicals to fine chemicals, from laboratory applications or pilot systems down to networked systems.
Fault-free system operation and the protection of persons, machines and the environment represent central criteria for sustainable success in the chemical industry. SIMATIC PCS 7 meats the requirements for safe chemical production processes

The multimedia-based demonstration system offers selected functions of the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7. A demonstration system is an automatically running or interactive operable animation. Complex technical contexts, products, functional correlations and user instructions are presented as films. This enables you to expand your know-how quickly, conveniently and easily.

  • Engineering
    • Multiproject Engineering
    • PDM - Integration of field devices
    • Plant Asset Management
    • Safety Matrix
    • Model Predictive Control
  • Operation
    • Alarm Management
    • Plant Asset Management
    • Safety - Safety Matrix Viewer
    • Safety - Partial Stroke Test
    • Recipe Control
Calling the Multimedia Presentation System/Video
You have several options for viewing the multimedia presentation system:
Multimedia Presentation System Ideal for


Download of the complete multimedia presentation system to your PC (for optimum viewing) Windows PC 1) 28812695_MMVS_Process_Automation.zip ( 163799 KB )
Interactive viewing of the multimedia presentation system in the browser Online viewing
1) Download the zip file to your computer and extract it to any folder. Then click the "Start.exe" file to start the demonstration system.

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