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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 28991143, Entry date: 09/22/2009

Which entries deal with consistent data in conjunction with distributed I/O?

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Consistent data, overview and application in distributed I/O.
In the following is a description of how to deal with consistent data in STEP 7.

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The entries dealing with the topic of consistent data are listed below.


Entry ID

Definition of terms.

How do you read data consistently from a DP standard slave/PROFINET IO device and write it consistently to a DP standard slave/PROFINET IO device?


Consistent data in S7-400 11646774
How can you access consistent data without SFC14/15 as part of the process image? 8751062
How is consistent data of the distributed I/O processed in S7 masters? 245111
Rules for the CPU 315-2 DP accessing the distributed I/O 42413
CP 342-5 -- How can you read and write consistent data of a DP slave via the CP 342-5? 21627748
What should you watch out for when configuring consistent data in COM PROFIBUS with IM 308-C as DP slave? 22566679
What are the options for address assignment of consistent data in IM 308-C? 21459883

SFC 14, SFC 15, Consistency

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