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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 28998010, Entry date: 04/10/2008

Announcement Phase out: Electronic Timing Relays: Discontinuation 3RP1540-xxx30

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Due to consumption of the discontinued ASIC, the 3RP1540 electronic timing relays will be re-developed. The new successor devices will be based on a microprocessor solution. The 12th digit of the order numbers will change from "0" to "1".

Date for the Phase-out Announcement : 2008-05-01


Due to consumption of the discontinued ASIC, the timing relays will  be re-developed on microprocessor basis. The new 3RP1540 timing relays, OFF-delay without auxiliary voltage, completely cover the functionality of the predecessor types. Furthermore, they offer a new extended time range up to 600 sec as well as new devices with wide voltage, 24-240 V AC/DC.


The discontinuation types on ASIC basis will remain available for delivery until 07/31/2008.



The 12th digit of the old products' order numbers will change from "0" to "1", see attachment.

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