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How can you switch off the "Sleep" function on Brother printers?

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Sleep Mode with printers:
With some Brother printers the "Sleep Mode" makes it impossible for the operator panels to reach printer. Then an error message is displayed on the operator panel.

Below we show how to disable the "Sleep Mode".

No. Procedure

Using the "Remote Printer Console" tool you can disable the "Sleep" function that cannot be switched off otherwise. The printer then no longer goes into Sleep Mode.

At the following link you can download the tool from the printer manufacturer "Brother".

Example for printer HL-5240:
Select the Region/Country > Regional Options > Select "Brother Series" > Select printer type > Downloads

Now select as follows:

  • Step 1: -> "Software Tools"
  • Step 2: -> "Your operating system, e.g. Windows XP"
  • Step 3: -> "The language, e.g. English"

Now click on "Find".
The following picture with the various software tools is displayed.

Select the "Remote Printer Console" tool.

Fig. 01

Note that the manufacturer site described and the procedure for finding the download might differ.
Furthermore, the "Remote Printer Console" tool is not available for each printer. (as at 19.03.2008)


Disabling the Sleep Mode:

  1. First install the "Remote Printer Console" tool.
  2. Start the tool.
  3. Switch to the "Custom" folder.
  4. There you change the "Sleep" parameter from "(not send)" to "off".
  5. Then click on "Send".

The Sleep Mode is now disabled for the printer.

Fig. 02

Printer list:
Released Printers for SIMATIC Panels and Multi Panels, see Entry ID 11376409.


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