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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 29157692, Entry date: 05/09/2014

SINAMICS G120, SIMATIC ET200S, MICROMASTER 4: Acyclic reading and writing parameters of the frequency inverters via PROFINET and PROFIBUS

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Introduction to the subject of reading and writing of inverter parameters via PROFINET and PROFIBUS

Effective October 1st, 2017 the MICROMASTER 4 standard drives are managed as a product to be phased out - see entry ID 109744726.
This means the MM4 standard drives should not be applied in new projects any more.
Drives from the SINAMICS G120 family can be used as alternative. Further information on this change you can find on the MICROMASTER Internet page www.siemens.com/micromaster.

A similar SINAMICS G120 Application example you can find at entry ID 109475044.

Task / Description
This application was created in order to provide users with a user-friendly introduction to the subject of reading and writing of inverter parameters via PROFINET & PROFIBUS.

The example applies to an implementation with STEP 7 V5.x for...

  • SINAMICS G120, G120C, G120D und G120P
  • SIMATIC ET200pro FC und ET200S FC
  • MICROMASTER 420 and 440.

If you work with a SIMATIC S7-1200 or S7-1500 in the TIA Portal, we recommend to use the FB "SINA_PARA" (FB286) from the library "DriveLib_S71200/1500...".
The function block and its description is installed together with Startdrive (Download under entry ID: 68034568) and is available as a global library in TIA Portal.
Alternatively, you can download the library (without Startdrive)  at entry ID 109475044.

This application shows you step-by-step how an S7 project is created to read & write parameters of Control Units CU240S/D PN/PN-F of a SINAMICS G120/G120D via PROFINET – and how you can control the read & write process. Variable tables are used to control read and write processes.

For reading and writing of the parameters standard S7 function blocks SFB 52 & SFB 53 are used.

Several examples for reading and writing parameters are described in this application.

  • In the first example (download "Example 1"), the error buffer of Control Unit CU240S PN is read-out: Parameter r0947 – last error message and parameter r0949 – error value.
  • In the second example (download "Example 2"), individual parameters of the Control Unit CU240S PN are read-out. These include, for example, firmware version (r0018), frequency setpoint (r0020), frequency actual value (r0021), output voltage (r0025), output current (r0027) and others (a total of 23 parameters).
  • In the third example (download "Example 3"), parameter P1082 (maximum frequency) is written to. The parameter value is changed from the default value 50.00 Hz to 100 Hz.
  • The other examples are similar to the first three examples but use different hardware.

A possibility of controlling the frequency inverter is realized in all three of these examples.

Structure of the PROFINET


Content of Downloads


Documentation 29157692_Read_write_parameters_with_SFB52_53_via_PN_V1_4_en.pdf ( 2620 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 1
PN_Read_r947_r949_en.zip ( 447 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 2
PN_Read_Parameters_en.zip ( 563 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 3
PN_Write_Parameters_en.zip ( 536 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 4
CU230_Read_Parameters_en.zip ( 562 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 5
CU230_Write_Parameters_en.zip ( 379 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 6
CU240_Write_Parameters_en.zip ( 512 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 7
ET200pro_Read_Parameters_en.zip ( 470 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 8
ET200SFC_Read_Parameters_en.zip ( 473 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 9
MM420_Read_Parameters_en.zip ( 584 KB )
STEP 7 Project - Example 10
MM440_Read_Parameters_en.zip ( 588 KB )

Last Changes
Link to an implementation with S7-1200/1500 in TIA Portal, editorial revision

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