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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 29297967, Entry date: 05/21/2008

Delivery release for TRANSLINE HMI PRO V.7.2

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With immediate effect, the machine operating software TRANSLINE HMI PRO Version 7.2 is available.
This delivery release concerns both the Run Time Software TRANSLINE HMI PRO RT V7.2 and the configuration software TRANSLINE HMI PRO CS V7.2.
The configuration software TRANSLINE HMI PRO CS V7.2 is required to convert HMI PRO RT V7.2.

Overview of the new functions provided by the HMI PRO V7.2 version

var.Layout extension

  • HMI variables
  • Multiplex variable with pocket calculator function
  • I/O box color change
  • Element attributes (e.g. value, foreground / background color, visibile / not visible)

Script editor extension

  • Script generation using variable layout
  • Script editor called up via softkeys, page keys, image selection / deselection, cyclic execution, I/O boxes
  • Functions such as arithmetic calculations according to JScript
  • Commands  comparable to the previous version HMI PRO V7.1
  • HMI PRO standard functions for operating system-independent functions

New DiagnoseTCPIP screen

  • The standard diagnosis is displayed upon screen selection. The necessary company network data are determined and displayed. The list of configured control panels is read then and the relevant data (IP addresses and connection status) determined and displayed.
    Network data for max. 3 networks can be displayed. A button is displayed for each available network.

  • The company network refers to the complete network system of a company.
  • The OEM network refers to additional external network cards.
  • The plant network refers to all internal system nodes, e.g. TCs.

New DiagnoseSinamics_S120 screen

  • Extended SIMODRIVE 611U diagnostic screen, also for SINAMICS S120

New DiagnoseSinamics_G120 screen

  • Extended MICROMASTER diagnostic screen, also for SINAMICS G120


Ordering data

Latest version: 6FC5263-0PY50-0AG0
Defined Version 7.0: 6FC5263-7PY50-2AG0