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SIMATIC IPC DiagBase - Download

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Using the SIMATIC IPC DiagBase diagnostics software allows you to recognize early on any potential faults on SIMATIC IPCs and helps you to avoid or reduce system downtimes.

Diagnostics functions

SIMATIC IPC DiagBase enables the following diagnostics functions.
  • Monitoring of IPC components
    • Hard disk
    • RAID
    • CF card
    • CFast card
    • SSD
    • Fan
    • Temperature
    • CMOS battery voltage
    • System status
  • Reporting of critical statuses
  • Call of individual applications in the case of alarm
  • Logging of all events
  • BIOS management

DiagBase provides this diagnostics data only locally on the SIMATIC IPC. If you need diagnostics functions via SNMP in the network, you should use SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor for diagnostics (section "SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor").

Supported devices and operating systems
The supported devices and operating systems of each version are given in chapter 4 of the corresponding operating manuals listed in Table 01.


Table 01 - SIMATIC IPC DiagBase versions

Operating manual
V2.1.3.0 Registrierung notwendig  DiagBase_V02010300.zip (61,8 MB)   DiagBase_English.pdf (391,1 KB) 2019-10-23
V2.1.2.0 Registrierung notwendig  DiagBase_V02010200.zip (57,4 MB)   DiagBase_English.pdf (391,1 KB) 2019-06-14
V2.1.1.0 Registrierung notwendig  DiagBase_V02010100.zip (53,6 MB)   DiagBase_English.pdf (391,1 KB) 2019-02-22
V2.0.0.2 Registrierung notwendig  DiagBase_V02000002.zip (40,1 MB)   DiagBase_English.pdf (343,6 KB) 2017-09-01
V2.0.0.0 Registrierung notwendig  DiagBase_V02000000.zip (40,0 MB)   DiagBase_English.pdf (343,6 KB)2017-01-24
V1.5.3.2 Registration required  DiagBase_V01050302.zip (58.0 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (352.5 KB)2016-12-19
V1.5.3.0 Registration required  DiagBase_V01050300.zip (58.0 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (352.5 KB)
V1.5.2.1 Registration required  DiagBase_V01050201.zip (57.5 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (206.6 KB)2016-08-11
V1.5.2.0 Registration required  DiagBase_V01050200.zip (57.4 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (206.6 KB)2016-03-11
V1.5.1.0 Registration required  DiagBase_V01050100.zip (56.9 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (295,9 KB) 


V1.5.0.0 Registration required  DiagBase_V010500.zip (55.9 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (746.2 KB)2015-02-25
V1.4.4.0 Registration required  DiagBase_v1440.zip (46.6 MB)

  DiagBase_English.pdf (746.2 KB)

V1.4.2.0 Registration required  DiagBase_v1420_14.zip (44.7 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (338.6 KB)2013-06-25
V1.4.2.0 Registration required  DiagBase_v1420_13.zip (44.7 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (338.6 KB)2013-06-17
V1.4.2.0 Registration required  DiagBase_v1420_12.zip (44.7 MB)  DiagBase_English.pdf (338.6 KB)2013-01-16

API applications created by the user can still only be used with the version implemented. An application created with API V1.0 is source-text-compatible, but has to be created with the new libraries. Detailed information is available in the manual included in the download.

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor software includes the functions of SIMATIC IPC DiagBase and is the basis for advanced diagnostics concepts. Among other things the software also enables the following:

    • Monitoring of multiple SIMATIC IPCs connected via TCP/IP networks.
    • Transfer of diagnostics data via OPC (OPC DA Client, OPC UA Server).
    • Sending of messages by e-mail or text message (SMS).

    This enables worldwide monitoring of SIMATIC IPCs with any web browser.
    More information is available on the website at http://www.siemens.com/simatic-pc and in Entry ID: 109740915.

    Application example
    An application example for the diagnosis of SIMATIC IPCs with IPC DiagBase, IPC DiagMonitor, WinCC TIA Portal or WinCC V7 is available in Entry ID: 109478242.

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