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Which GSDML files are there for the operator panels for Profinet IO?

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Configuration note:
If you have installed WinCC flexible and the STEP 7 Manager on your configuration computer, then the GSDML files of the operator panels that can be configured are already installed on the configuration computer.


  1. Information on GSDML files
  2. Assigning and using the GSDML file
  3. GSDML files for Push Button Panels
  4. Link to the GSD files for Profibus DP

1. Information on GSDML files
All Profinet IO field devices are characterized by the Device Master File. In this file there are all the properties of the Profinet IO field devices that are relevant for the cyclical data exchange. The editing language of the device master data file used for Profinet IO is GSDML (General Station Description Markup Language), which is based on the XML model. The XML-based GSDML files are language-independent.

2. Assigning and using the GSDML file
The GSDML files for SIMATIC operator panels are required for the Profinet IO direct keys. This function is supported from WinCC flexible 2005 SP1.

After installing WinCC flexible and the STEP7 Manager, the following GSDML files for Profinet IO are included in the hardware catalog of the STEP7 Manager. No additional installation is necessary.

Operator panel as of WinCC flexible GSD file
Mobile Panel 177
2005 SP1 GSDML-V2.1-Siemens-HMI-20070612.xml
(older GSD file:)
Mobile Panel 277
2005 SP1
MP377 2007

The release version and the data of publication are also included in the name of the XML-based GSDML file. The release status depends on the version of WinCC flexible installed.

3. GSDML files for Push Button Panels
The downloadable GSDML file must be additionally installed in the HW config. of the STEP7 Manager.
You can find the GSDML files for Push-Button Panels in the link for the manuals under the small floppy disk symbol:

Operator panels Entry ID
Push Button Panel PP 17-I PN PROFIsafe
Push Button Panel PP 17-II PN

4. Link to the GSD files for Profibus DP
You can find information on the GSD files for Profibus under the following Entry ID 29339779.

Device master data files, general station description