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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 29585944, Entry date: 08/02/2010

SINAMICS G: Speed control of a G120 using S7-300/400 (STEP 7 V5) with PROFINET and Safety Integrated (via PROFIsafe)

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This application only applies to SINAMICS G120 CU´s with Firmware < V4.0


A SINAMICS G120 with its integrated safety functions is to be controlled using an F-CPU via PROFINET.



In this particular function example, a specific program example will be used to demonstrate the control of a SINAMICS G120 (control word and frequency setpoint) and the control of the safety-relevant functions (STO, SLS and SS1) with an F-CPU.

This program example comprises an S7 program to control the SINAMICS G120, an S7 safety program and a configured SINAMICS G120.


Advantages / customer benefits

Combining safety-relevant and standard programs in one common CPU and establishing communications between the CPU and drive inverter via a common bus (PROFINET) simplify the system design. The safety functions are integrated in the drive inverter and are implemented without any speed feedback signal. This means that to some extent complex external shutdown and monitoring devices can be eliminated.

A SINAMICS G120 with Safety Control Unit can replace an existing drive inverter. This means that safety functions can be added to an existing system with low associated costs and expenditure.




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Documentation (english)

SD_FE_I_005_V20_EN.pdf ( 1158 KB )

STEP 7 project G120_s_2.zip ( 1031 KB )
Safety Evaluation Tool Project IEC
SD_FE_I_005_V20_EN_IEC.zip ( 8 KB )
Safety Evaluation Tool Project ISO SD_FE_I_005_V20_EN_ISO.zip ( 8 KB )
Link to Safety Evaluation Tool





10/2006 First edition (V1.0)
06/2010 General reworking of the document
Changeover to firmware V3.2
Expanded functionality for evaluation according to IEC 62061


Keywords: motioncontrol_apc_applications