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How do you configure a PC station as DP master for connecting to a DP slave for the SIMATIC NET OPC server with the SIMATIC NET PC software?

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In this example, a CP5611 is used for the communication via the OPC server as DP master with a DP slave on the PROFIBUS.

The procedure described here also applies for communication processors CP5511, CP5512 and CP5621.

General information:
You can choose between two different configuration tools:

  • NCM PC:
    NCM PC is supplied with the SIMATIC NET CD and permits you to create PC projects and open STEP 7 projects. However, it is not possible to use this software to edit the S7 blocks in the STEP 7 project. 
  • STEP 7:
    STEP 7 is a separate software package and permits you to create S7-400, S7-300 and PC projects. It is possible to use this software to edit the S7 blocks.

Only one of these tools can be installed.

Please follow the instructions below for configuring the PC station.

Guide_DPMaster_e.pdf ( 1962 KB )

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