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How can you diagnose problems establishing a GPRS connection using SINAUT MICRO SC?

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1. Introduction
The connection between a modem and SINAUT MICRO SC is sometimes disrupted. Either the connection to SINAUT MICRO SC is not established or an existing connection is aborted. This entry describes how you can use SINAUT MICRO SC to diagnose connection failures.

2. SINAUT MICRO SC log file
In the installation path of SINAUT MICRO SC (default: C:\Program Files\Siemens\SINAUT MICRO SC) there is the file "m2mopc.log". In this file, all connection requests and connection failures are written that are recorded by SINAUT MICRO SC. Each entry includes the following information:

  • Time stamp
  • Type of entry (info, error, warning)
  • Action (listen, send, recv, read, test connection)
  • Error description or additional information (modem name, IP address, reason for the entry)

3. Evaluation of the log file
The log file can be opened and viewed with the standard editor. An evaluation is always worthwhile if

  • The modem does not register on the server, but a GSM (Q LED flashes) and GPRS connection (S LED flashes) of the modem exists
  • There are connection disruptions during running operation

3.1 How can you recognize that a connection has been successfully established or ended?
A successfully-established connection consists of 3 related entries (register to SINAUT MICRO SC, transfer modem name and password, confirm login). If the modem logs off properly from SINAUT MICRO SC, this is likewise recorded.

Type of entry Action Text Description
INFO (list)  New Client on <IP address> SINAUT MICRO SC receives the information that a modem wants to log in with the <IP address>
INFO (recv) <Modem name> SINAUT MICRO SC receives the <Modem name>
INFO (send) login successful SINAUT MICRO SC confirms the successful login to the modem
INFO (read) Session successfully closed Connection successfully ended

3.2 How can you recognize when a connection has been unsuccessful/incorrect?
The following log file entries give information about an unsuccessful attempt at establishing a connection between modem and SINAUT MICRO SC or about an incorrectly-established connection with the possibility of exchanging data.

Type of entry Action Text Description Possible cause / solution
INFO (send) wrong password no connection established because the password in the modem does not match the password in SINAUT MICRO SC Incorrect password entered / Check the password
INFO (send) username wrong no connection established because the modem name in the modem does not match the modem name in SINAUT MICRO SC Incorrect modem name entered / Check the modem name
WARNING (OnDataReceived) Wrong Sequence Number received Connection is established, but data exchange is not possible because the station number in the modem does not match the station number in SINAUT MICRO SC Incorrect station number entered / Check the station number

3.3 How can you recognize an aborted connection?
The following log file gives information about an aborted connection between modem and SINAUT MICRO SC.

Type of entry Action Text Description
WARNING Test connection()  ("modemname") Device not responding! Closing session. SINAUT MICRO SC has sent data for status monitoring and received no answer from the modem. Connection was aborted
ERROR Read() ("modemname") Reading on socket failed! Closing session. SINAUT MICRO SC expects data from the modem. Data was not received or an incorrect data package was received. Connection was aborted

There are several possible causes for a connection abort. For diagnostics, check in the log file whether the modem dials in again after the connection is aborted and which address it has before and after the abort.

No. Diagnostics Possible causes Possible solution
1. A new login of the modem with a different IP address than for the login before the connection was aborted Provider has interrupted the GPRS connection, modem had to log on to the GPRS network again
  • Check GPRS signal strength at modem location, if necessary contact provider or change provider
  • There was no data traffic between modem and SINAUT MICRO SC for a long period. Shorten interval of status monitoring in SINAUT MICRO SC
2. A new login of the modem with the same IP address as for the login before the connection was aborted
  • There was a data collision between modem and CPU, the answer to SINAUT MICRO SC was not sent --> Timeout to SINAUT MICRO SC
  • Data package incorrect
  • Check GPRS provider and Internet provider. Contact provider and try another provider if the problem persists
  • Check your own IT infrastructure and connect SINAUT MICRO SC server directly to DSL router, to reduce the influence of network traffic
3. No new dial-in of the modem Modem defective or SINAUT MICRO SC has failed Change modem

The entries mentioned are example solution proposals. In practice, possible causes and solutions can vary.

You can find further information on the topic of GPRS with SINAUT MICRO SC in the following system manuals:

  • System manual GPRS/GSM modem SINAUT MD720-3 Entry ID: 23117745
  • SINAUT MICRO SC system manual Entry ID: 23119827

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