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How do you configure S5-compatible communication to the SIMATIC S7 for a user application via Industrial Ethernet with the SIMATIC NET PC software?

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In this example, a CP1613 is used for the S5-compatible communication with an S7 controller on the Industrial Ethernet network.

The procedure described here also applies for communication processors CP1613 A2, CP1623, CP1612 and CP1512, as well as for commercially available network cards.

General Information:
You do not need any other configuration software on the PC station. All the relevant applications are installed automatically along with the SIMATIC NET PC software.

If you are using a CP1613, then on the PC station, you need the license for the SIMATIC NET PC software S7-1613. This license key is also needed when using a CP1613 A2 or CP1623.

If you are using a CP1612, CP1512 or a commercially available network card, then on the PC station, you need the license for the SIMATIC NET PC software SOFTNET S7 Lean or SOFTNET S7.

Please follow the instructions below for configuring the PC station.

Guide_SRS7_Appl_e.pdf ( 1229 KB )

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