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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 29851303, Entry date: 12/06/2012

Configuration Software for FM351/451 Positioning Module

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Software requirements
To work with the configuration software you require:

  • An installed version of STEP 7 Basis V5.3, ServicePack 2 or higher.
  • For operation under Windows Vista you require STEP 7 Basis V5.4 SP3 or higher.
  • For operation under Windows7 you require STEP 7 Basis V5.5 or higher.

For further software requirements please see the STEP 7 Product Information bulletin.

Overview of the current software versions:

Software Version

Upgrade with ...

The configuration software referenced below is only for backup purposes.

You will find the latest version of the configuration software in the bulletin "FM Configuration Package" at entry ID 60237759

V6.0 SP1 Hotfix 1

Recommended for upgrading:

Description of Update V6.0 SP1 Hotfix1

 FMx51_V6011.EXE ( 26342 KB )


For backup only:

Description of Update V6.0

 3511AH01_V600.EXE ( 27927 KB )

V5.0 SP1 Hotfix 1 For backup only:

Description of Update V5.0 SP1 HF1

 3511AH01_V5011.EXE ( 155 KB )

V5.0 SP1 For backup only:

Description of Update V5.0 SP1

 3511AH01_V501.EXE ( 15468 KB )

V4.0 SP1 For backup only:

 3511AH01_DISK1_V401.EXE ( 1225 KB )

 3511AH01_DISK2_V401.EXE ( 589 KB )

Update V6.0 + SP1 Hotfix 1

The following features were added:

  • The configuration software of several FM modules has been combined on one CD
  • Adaptation for Windows Vista + SP1 in conjunction with STEP V5.4 SP5


Update V6.0

The following features were added:

  • Adaptation for the installation under Windows VISTA  
  • Operation of the FM 351 in a Profinet network

Update V5.0 SP1 HF1

If the FM 351/451 configuration package is used in conjunction with WinAC, a problem will occur. The Hotfix corrects this problem.

The download is a self-unpacking file and includes the corrected Exe file and the associated readme file with the installation instructions.

Installation steps: 
Copy the file S7fabs_x.exe of the Hotfix to the directory ...\Siemens\Step7\S7FABS.
The existing file will be overwritten.

Update V5.0 SP1


  • The setup was adapted to Windows 2000/Me requirements.
  • Readme file and electronic manuals are stored in conformity with STEP 7 V5.1.
  • There are no functional changes.
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