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Micro Automation: Wireless Data Communication based on GPRS (flexible) - MAS 31

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Note The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out. ...

The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out.
This application can be realized as easily and quickly with the new SIMATIC S7-1200. The respective application example with SIMATIC S7-1200 is available here: 39863979

Furthermore, many useful applications with SIMATIC S7-1200 are available here: 35923253

Automation task
The infrastructure of a discharge treatment plant contains the “Stormwater Overflow” substation. It is supposed to communicate with a control center. The internet based GPRS service, which charges by data volume, should be used as a data transfer medium. The control center should enable central operator control and monitoring.

Automation Solution
The automation solution uses the SINAUT Micro SC remote control system with the GPRS modem MD720-3 to visualize process data from the Remote Station via the Central Station.

Remote Station “Stormwater Overflow”
The S7-200 CPU 222 controls pump “P1”, which automatically pumps the water of the stormwater overflow structure into the water treatment plant. Pump “P2” which can be operated manually via the Central Station enables pumping the water into a nearby river. All process data are transferred to the Central Station via the GPRS modem MD720-3.

Central Station
The OPC server SINAUT MICRO SC is used as a platform for data exchange with the Remote Station. The Central Station communicates with the GPRS station via an Internet connection. As OPC client, WinCC flexible enables visualizing and operating the process.

Advantages against Micro Automation Set 21

  • Use all S7-200 CPU's (CPU221 - CPU226)
  • Variable interface selection (Port 0 oder Port 1) for connection between modem and CPU
  • More memory space for the user program due to the small size of the block library

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. The software examples support you during the first steps and tests with your Micro Automation Sets. They enable quick testing of the hardware and software interfaces between the products described in the Micro Automation Sets.

To operate a SIMATIC S7-200 with a MODEM MD720 along with the Telecontrol Server Basic, revised/new block libraries are available under the following link 99522310.


Inhalt der Downloads


Micro Application Example Set31_TechDoc_V1d0_en.pdf ( 1724 KB )
SINAUT MICRO SC flex - Systemhandbuch Set31_DocLibrary_V1d2_en.pdf ( 725 KB )
Startup Code (SINAUT MICRO SC Konfiguration (*.xml-Datei)) MAS31_m2mopc.zip ( 280 bytes )
Startup Code für Remote Station "Regenüberlaufbecken" (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Projekte) MAS31_S7-200_V1d0_en.zip ( 93 KB )
Startup Code (WinCC flexible Projekt, *.hmi, *.fwx) MAS31_WinCC_Flex_V1d0_en.zip ( 3677 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Bibliothek) MAS31_S7-200-Library_V1d2.zip ( 65 KB )


Inhalt der Links


system manuel GPRS/GSM-Modem SINAUT MD720-3 23117745
SINAUT MICRO SC system manuel 23119827
Micro Automation Set 21 22537809
Micro Automation Set Forum Link

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