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What are the essential differences between STEP 7 Lite and STEP 7 / STEP 7 Professional?

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Configuration notes
This entry describes the essential differences between STEP 7 Lite and STEP 7 /STEP 7 Professional. The following topics are described in the table below:

Differences between STEP 7 Lite and STEP 7 / STEP 7 Professional

  STEP 7 Lite STEP 7 / STEP 7 Professional


PLCs S7-300 / C7 / ET200S / ET 200X S7-300 / S7-400 / C7 / WinAC / ET200S / ET 200X
Usable modules Digital, analog I/O
only central (also EC)
Digital, analog I/O, FM, CP
central and remote (DP)
Networking / communication No Time-controlled, cyclical data transfer between
automation devices;
MPI, PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet
Distributed I/O No Yes
Message configuration (display via HMI) No Yes
Write to MMC / Read from MMC Yes, only in CPU Yes, in CPU and directly to PG/PC
(update of the PLC operating system possible)
Import/export Program, symbols Program, symbols, HW configuration
Documentation function Included Included;
for S7 project documentation conforming to standard
the option package DOCPRO is required
Documenting projects in multiple languages Yes Yes
Multi-user engineering No Yes


Languages LAD / FBD / STL LAD / FBD / STL, STL source
S7-GRAPH*, S7-SCL* (PASCAL-oriented high-level language)

*Included with STEP 7 Professional

Structured programming Yes Yes
Symbolic programming Yes Yes
Check program consistency Yes Yes
Create program consistency Yes Yes
Standard libraries Yes Yes
User libraries No Yes

Online functions:

Online access MPI MPI, PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet
Test functions Observing controlling, forcing Observing controlling, forcing, single step (debug)
Comparison functions offline / online Program, HW configuration Program
Diagnostics System diagnostics Report system diagnostics, system errors
(integrated process diagnostics for S7-GRAPH)

Using optional engineering tools

Optional programming languages None S7-GRAPH*, S7-SCL, S7-HiGraph*, CFC

*Included with STEP 7 Professional

Offline simulation S7 PLCSIM S7 PLCSIM*

*Included with STEP 7 Professional

Documentation None DOCPRO
Process diagnostics None S7 PDIAG
Teleservicing TeleService TeleService
HMI ProTool WinCC / WinCC flexible / ProTool
System environment:
Operating system Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home

More information is available in Entry ID: 23642592

Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2003 Server
Windows XP Professional
Windows Vista Ultimate and Business
Windows 7 32 Bit Ultimate 

More information is available in Entry ID: 8250891

Programming software

Security information
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