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What do you need to watch out for when restoring a Vista image with the Image Creator V2.0?

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After restoring a hard disk image with Windows Vista operating system, Windows can no longer be started. The following message is displayed instead:

Fig. 01:

In the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the hard disk a "Disk-Signature" is entered. The Windows Vista boot configuration is saved in the file \Boot\BCD (Boot Configuration Data). The partitions of the computer are referenced in the BCD via the "Disk Signature". If the BCD and the MBR are not identical, this behavior occurs. Therefore Windows Vista cannot boot and the message from Fig. 01 appears.

The operating system has to be repaired with the recovery DVD that came with it. Proceed as follows to repair:

No. Procedure
1 Place the recovery DVD in the CD-ROM\DVD.
2 Restart the computer.

You do this via the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + DEL".
3 Open the boot menu via the key "Esc" or "F12" and select the CD-ROM\DVD drive.
4 Press any key if the following request appears on your screen: "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD"
5 The following message now appears:

Fig. 02
Now select "Repair and restart".

6 Remove the DVD from the CD-ROM\DVD drive.
7 Restart the computer.
8 After you restart the computer, Vista is started and the following message appears:

Fig. 03

9 Restart the computer by selecting the "Restart Now" button.
10 The repair has now been successfully completed.

Preventive measure:
To prevent the message mentioned above in Fig.01, you have to adapt the BCD data before creating a GHOST image. Open the command console via START -> Run and the command "cmd" with administrator rights. Now enter the three following commands:

Fig. 04

You must then check the result:

Fig. 05

The following values and entries are important here:

  • Windows Boot Manager   ->   device    =    "boot"
  • Windows Boot Loader     ->   device    =    "boot"
  • Windows Boot Loader     ->   osdevice =    "boot"

Explanation of terms: 

  • Disk Signature:
    Disk Signature is used by Windows 2000 and Windows XP to clearly identify hard drives that have a classic partition table.

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