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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 31136093, Entry date: 11/20/2008

Sales/Delivery Release: SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN

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Effective immediately, the SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (Safety version, RoW - Rest of World - version) is available ex warehouse. The SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN with 8" TFT touchscreen featuring 64K colors expands the family of the SIMATIC Mobile Panels by the worldwide first wireless safety device (SIL 3) in the 270 series performance class.  

Due to current developments in the radio certification process, this model will not be sold in the USA! For the USA, separate order numbers will be provided starting Q1/2009! 

The new device wirelessly offers the advantages of a Mobile Panel in the 270 series performance class:

  • Emergency stop (safety category SIL 3)
  • 2 enabling keys 
  • Safe detection of the position of the operator by the effective zone system    
  • No wiring work for the connection boxes 
  • No handling of cables during the operation  
  • Flexible use with automatic zone detection  
  • Application where direct visual contact with the process is required, e.g., for the precise setup or adjustment of process parameters 
  • Reliable, wireless communication via IWLAN

Projects for wireless applications can now also be implemented that, e.g., 

  • cover many different connection areas 
  • cover larger connection areas 

The device can only be configured with WinCC flexible 2007 Standard (HSP 19241467); features include direct keys and the effective zone functionality (when using transponders), as well as a STOP pushbutton and enabling keys. For WinCC flexible 2008 Standard, the release will only take place starting with Service Pack 1.


Effective immediately, the SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN is available ex warehouse. 

Object of the Release: SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN
Delivery Start: November 7, 2008
Contacts: Contacts: Siemens Partners on the Internet
Catalogs: CA01, ST80, A&D Mall
Internet Links: http://www.siemens.com/hmi-selection-tool

The Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN is offered in two equipment versions (with or without additional control elements) and supports PROFINET (Profisafe) via IWLAN. The connection to PROFINET takes place via an access point, the connection to the effective zone system via transponders.     


SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN with Transponder and Accessories 

Product Highlights

  • Emergency stop (SIL 3)
  • 2 enabling keys 
  • Effective zone system via transponders (positive location identification for acknowledgment-requiring operator actions)     
  • High-contrast 7.5" TFT touchscreen display (VGA resolution 640 x 480 pixels) featuring 64K colors and 18 membrane keys with LED  
  • Externally accessible USB port 
  • Onboard PROFINET 
  • Zone handling with transponders (e.g., automatic screen selection)  
  • Wireless, mobile operator control & monitoring without wiring work (connection boxes) and without handling of cables during the operation 
  • Configurable direct keys (PN I/O)
  • Support of scripts 
  • Use of archives (MultiMediaCard) 
  • Non-volatile, maintenance-free alarm buffer  
  • Pocket Internet Explorer for the display of HTML pages  
  • Based on Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
  • Configurable with WinCC flexible 2007 Standard (HSP 19241467)

Ordering Data

Product Name Order Number
Mobile Panel (these two order numbers are not available in the USA!)
Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (Profisafe, RoW version1)) 6AV6 645-0DB01-0AX0
Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (Profisafe with handwheel, key-operated switch, and illuminated pushbuttons, RoW version1)) 6AV6 645-0DC01-0AX0

1) RoW Version: "Rest of World" Version: Version for worldwide sale, with the exception of the USA

Accessories for the Mobile Panel 277(F) IWLAN:

Keyboard Labeling Strips 
Package for the Labeling of 6 Devices (2 sheets with 3 sets each) incl. Replacement Stickers for Caps
6AV6 671-5BF00-0AX0
Protective Film 6AV6 671-5BC00-0AX0
Memory Card MMC (MultiMediaCard), 64 MB 6AV6 671-1CB00-0AX0
Service Package Mobile Panel 277(F) IWLAN 6AV6 671-5CA00-0AX1 2)

Documentation (free Download at 29036579):

Operating Manual Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN, German 6AV6 691-1DQ01-2AA0
Operating Manual Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN, English 6AV6 691-1DQ01-2AB0
Operating Manual Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN, French 6AV6 691-1DQ01-2AC0
Operating Manual Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN, Italian 6AV6 691-1DQ01-2AD0
Operating Manual Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN, Spanish 6AV6 691-1DQ01-2AE0
Operating Manual Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN, Japanese Not orderable; only offered as PDF download
Getting Started, German 6AV6 691-1EM01-2AA0
Getting Started, English 6AV6 691-1EM01-2AB0
Getting Started, Japanese Not orderable; only offered as PDF download

Starter Package Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN:

Starter Package 277F IWLAN (RoW version)
(this order number is not available in the USA!)
Consisting of:
 • 1 Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN with Handwheel, Key-operated Switch, and Illuminated Pushbuttons
 • 3 Transponders
 • 1 Charging Station
 • 1 Extra Rechargeable Battery
 • SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2007 Standard
 • Voucher for 1 Year of Software Update Service
6AV6 651-5HA01-0AA0 2)

Furthermore, the following System Components and Accessories for Mobile Panels remain available unchanged:

Accessories and System Components
Charging Station for Mobile Panel 277(F) IWLAN 6AV6 671-5CE00-0AX0
Extra Rechargeable Battery (main battery) 6AV6 671-5CL00-0AX0 2)
AC Adapter incl. Power Cables (EU, US, UK, Japan) 6AV6 671-5CN00-0AX1
Transponder 6AV6 671-5CM00-0AX0

The following IWLAN Access Points are recommended for Use with the SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN:

Recommended IWLAN Access Points
SCALANCE W788-1PRO (RoW version) 6GK5 788-1AA60-2AA0
SCALANCE W788-1PRO (US version) 6GK5 788-1AA60-2AB0
SCALANCE W786-1PRO (RoW version) 6GK5 786-1BA60-2AA0
SCALANCE W786-1PRO (US version) 6GK5 786-1BA60-2AB0
SCALANCE W786-2RR (RoW version)1) 6GK5 786-2BA60-6AA0
SCALANCE W786-2RR (US version)1) 6GK5 786-2BA60-6AB0
SCALANCE W784-1 (RoW version) 6GK5 784-2AA30-2AA0
SCALANCE W784-1 (US version) 6GK5 784-2AA30-2AB0

1) Ready for Rapid Roaming (iPCF)

2) Not immediately available after the delivery start. A separate announcement will be made upon availability. 

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